Winning GBPJPY Trades Hit 300, 500 And 1000 Pip Targets

Winning GBPJPY Trades Hit 300, 500 and 1000 Pip Targets To “Run The Gauntlet” For The First Time In 2021 And Catapult Accounts
To New Profit Levels

Winning GBPJPY Trades

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Winning GBPJPY trades hit 300, 500 and 1000 pip targets recently. This is a very special event in the way I trade, so it deserves its own blog post.

Whenever I place a trade, I expect a favorable event. As a matter of fact, I plan for a favorable, profitable event. But this does not mean just making some money on the trade.

You see, every time I place a trade I set a Take Profit. This is the level of profit where I want to close the trade and collect my winnings.  And the goal of the trade is to reach this level.

That being said, Forex trading is messy.  

At certain points in the trade I trail my Stop Loss to eliminate risk on the trade or lock in profits. And sometimes the market movement hits these levels, taking me out of the trade with profit before the final target is hit.

Plus, don’t forget, there are losing trades to contend with as well.

So, when the targets are hit on all 3 GBPJPY accounts I trade, it is a special event. I call this event “Running The Gauntlet”.

In this blog post I’ll explain more on how I trade Forex and go into detail on the winning GBPJPY trades that just ran the gauntlet in 2021.


How I Trade Forex (GBPJPY Currency Pair)

I attribute my success trading Forex to the approach I take. My trading method is strategically designed to be profitable over the long term.

  • My success is NOT about “me” and my predictive powers at reading the market.
  • My success IS about my trading approach and sticking to the rules.

Here are some characteristics on how I trade:

  • I trade the Daily charts (stronger setups)
  • I make trading decisions only once a day (end of day trading)
  • The strategy is 100% rules based (no guesswork)
  • I focus on risk to reward ratio (the key to success)
  • I take a long term view of Forex trading (think like an investor)

The great thing about trading like this is I can teach others to trade Forex like I do.

One of the most interesting aspects of the way I trade that sets me apart from other Forex traders is I only trade ONE currency pair and place ONE trade per account.

I know this may sound strange, because you’ve probably heard about building a portfolio, trading non correlated currency pairs and other trader jargon. But sticking to trading just the GBPJPY currency pair is one of the main reasons for my success.

But just because I only trade one currency pair does not mean I only trade one account.


What Does “Running The Gauntlet” Mean?

I trade the GBPJPY currency pair. But I trade MULTIPLE accounts. Each account trades the GBPPY the exact same way… except with different targets.

  • Account 1: 100 pip stop loss, 300 pip target (3R)
  • Account 2: 100 pips stop loss, 500 pip target (5R)
  • Account 3: 100 pips stop loss, 1000 pip target (10R)

So, as you see, I am placing essentially the same trade on various accounts. But the results vary on each account because of the different take profit targets.

I treat every account as a separate “trading business”. The goal of each business is to be profitable. And by staggering the take profit targets it allows me to take more of the profit the market wants to give me, when it wants to give it to me.

Trading in this way also allows me to set up multiple streams of income. And there is still room for growth (like running accounts for 4R, 6R, 7R, 8R, 9R targets or no profit target at all).

Anyway, when I reach my price target on any account it is a great feeling. I placed a trade with a specific goal… and that goal was reached.  Celebration.

But when I place trades on MULTIPLE accounts and reach the price target on ALL accounts… that is even more special.  And that I call Running The Gauntlet.


Winning GBPJPY Trades That Ran The Gauntlet

Running The Gauntlet is special. It doesn’t happen all the time, especially when you are going after targets that are 10 TIMES your stop loss. But when it does happen… my overall trading business is thrust into a higher level of profit.

I do want to point out that it is not necessary to run the gauntlet to be profitable.

  • Sometimes all accounts get out of the trade with some profit (0R up to 3R)
  • Sometimes the 3R account is hit, and the others get out with profit as well.
  • Sometimes the 3R and 5R accounts reach their targets and the other locks in a good bit of profit as well.

But the market needs to move in a special way for all targets to get hit.

Let’s look at the latest winning GBPJPY trades identified by my Forex Trading Blast Off strategy that ran the gauntlet.


Winning GBPJPY Trades


Keep in mind, I placed these trades on 3 separate accounts. I’m just using this image to show you what happened to all three trades. These winning GBPJPY trades all hit their targets… and therefore ran the gauntlet.


How To Experience Running The Gauntlet
And Explosive Forex Account Growth

I got a late start investing and planning for my financial future. I needed a way to make up for lost time and accumulate wealth faster. Luckily, I figured out how to trade the Forex market successfully.

And over the years, I’ve refined the way I trade so that my trading activities are simple, rules based and only take 1 minute a day. My methodology also allows me to enjoy Running The Gauntlet when my trading strategy catches big moves on the GBPJPY currency pair.

Forex profits are never a straight line upward. Some months will be better than others. Even some years will be better than others.

But there are those times when my trading business sees a big boost in profits that takes my trading accounts to new levels. These recent winning GBPJPY trades that ran the gauntlet are an example of this.

If you want the chance to experience the satisfaction and explosive account growth of running the gauntlet… just trade the same strategy I do.

I wanted my wife and godchildren to learn to trade in case something ever happened to me. The ability to make extraordinary profits from simple Forex trading is too great not to pass on. So I created a course to teach them how to trade like I do… and I’ve made it available to the public as well.

Forex Trading Blast Off

Build The Wealth You Need In The Time You Have With Strategically Designed Forex Trading

Accumulate Wealth Faster, Create Multiple Income Streams & Secure Your Financial Future In 1 Minute A Day

So, how do you experience running the gauntlet for yourself?

  • Get Forex Trading Blast Off
  • Learn the simple strategy
  • Trade 1 minute a day
  • Eventually set up multiple accounts with different targets
  • Keep trading and stick to the rules

If you do this, I am confident you’ll experience running the gauntlet with winning GBPJPY trades for yourself.  It’s just a matter of time.


To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax


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