How To Create A Lifelong Income,
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From The Desk Of Edward Lomax,
RE: Your financial future…

Wealth Plan Blast OffFinancial security? All of us want it. Few achieve it. And sadly, most of you reading this right now are NOT on the path to get it.

The Wealth Plan Blast Off is a step-by-step plan to put my money to work, accumulate wealth faster and create multiple income streams so I can secure my financial future.

But let’s back up a second… and go back to the first time you held a coin or bill in your hand.

Maybe you found it on the street, maybe it was part of your allowance or maybe you worked for it around the house. Doesn’t really matter where you got your first coin or bill… from that instant onward you became your own financial manager.

Once you held that coin or bill in your hand, and it became “yours”, you had to decide what to do with it. You instantly became your own financial manager with the RESPONSIBILITY of making decisions that would impact your financial well being for the rest of your life.

I know, this concept might sound strange to you. After all, you don’t hear people going around introducing themselves like this:

  • Hi, I’m John.  I’m my own financial manager and a Student.
  • Hi, I’m Suzy.  I’m my own financial manager and a Doctor.
  • Hi, I’m Pat.  I’m my own financial manager and a Spider Monkey Hairstylist.

You might be thinking you were never told this. Or, even worse, you were never taught how to manage your money properly, which set you up for failure.

And in most cases, you are right. (At least this was true in my case).

So, you rumble, bumble through life trying to figure out how to “make” money… but you don’t really spend too much time honing your skills at MANAGING your money.

As a result, most of us are failures at our first job. We don’t think of ourselves as our own financial managers in the first place. Therefore, we do a pretty mediocre job of being one.

And it is our Future Self that will suffer.

But just imagine…

What if you took your financial manager role seriously and started putting your money to work in ways that can beat other investment returns?

What if you could accumulate wealth faster and make up for lost time in only a few minutes a day?

Would you take the steps necessary to get on the right path… the path that leads to lifelong financial security?

Look, for the vast majority of us, reaching a level of financial security that allows our future self to sleep like a baby is not going to happen by accident.

You need a wealth plan.  And you need to follow through with the plan. 

Here’s my wealth plan…

Wealth Plan Blast Off

By the time I figured out I was failing my future self by being a lousy financial manager… I was no Spring Chicken.

This means I had wasted a lot of time. And I knew I needed to come up with a plan with the potential to make up for lost time so I could reach my wealth goals.

I’m glad to report, this is exactly the step-by-step plan I came up with… which I call Wealth Plan Blast Off.

Here are the steps…

Step 1:
Put Money To Work

Working harder and saving more is not a realistic plan for reaching financial security, regardless of the size of your paycheck.

  • There are only so many hours in a day.
  • And you can only save so much… and still live a decent life.

You simply must take a page out of the Wealthy Playbook and put money to work to make more money.

Yep, that means investing.

Unlike working harder and saving, the profits you can make from investing are LIMITLESS.

The More Money You Invest,
The More Money You Can Make

Done right, you can accumulate wealth faster and make up for lost time.

I’ll teach you what I’m doing.

Step 2:
Engage In High Profit Potential Activities

Any investing at this point is better than no investing. But the truth is, most investment opportunities are not going to make up for lost time.

To reach our financial goals in the time we have, we MUST engage in high profit potential activities.

I mean, if we are finally going to put our money to work after getting a late start… we need to do so in a way that produces the highest returns possible, right?

Luckily, I’ve identified multiple ways to put my money to work in ways that can beat the markets, Wall Street traders and even the returns of business powerhouses.

These activities include, but are not limited to:

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do any of these things… you can simply copy what I’m doing.

Step 3:
Build The Wealth I Need In The Time I Have

Look, I’m not going to lie to you. None of this is going to happen overnight.

But it can happen.

By continuing to put money to work, adding income streams and taking advantage of the power of compound interest I can reach exponentially higher wealth levels.

Reaching lifelong financial security is a process. Do something NOW… to reach financial security LATER.  It reminds me of a quote about being an entrepreneur:


Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t. – Anonymous 

I’ll be prioritizing my wealth accumulation NOW… so my future self can reap the rewards down the road.

And you can do the same.

Step 4:
My Future Self Enjoys A Lifetime Income

Wealth Plan Blast OffSetting your future-self up for financial security is as simple as putting money to work, getting higher returns than other investment opportunities and growing your wealth to the proper level for your financial goals.

By accepting my role of being my own financial manager and taking active steps to grow my wealth, I can set my future self up for lifelong financial security. 

Once this level of wealth is reached, my future self can enjoy a LIFETIME income by continuing the activities that grew the wealth in the first place.

And now that I think of it, I have to admit… I’m a little jealous of my future self. 

This is my wealth plan.  What’s yours? 

If you want to copy mine, I’ll guide you along the way.

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