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Forex And Crypto Trading Plan For 2022

My Completely Transparent Forex And  Crypto Trading Plan For Accelerated Wealth Accumulation In 2022 That’s Shockingly Simple To Follow In Only Minutes A Day

Trading Plan for 2022

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As the year comes to a close, I like to reflect on the past year and make plans for the next year. The planning includes my own Forex and Crypto trading plan for 2022 as well as how I can help others trade profitably over the long term and create the wealth they need in the time they have.

My Forex and Crypto trading plan for 2022 includes systematic, high probability trading on the Daily time frame in only minutes a day. Plus, I’m making my trading completely transparent and easy to follow for people who want accelerated wealth accumulation and lifelong financial security.

So, if you want to know what I’ve been up to in preparation for the new year, and how you can follow what I’m doing, keep reading…

Free Training On

I’m one of those rare traders that actually trades for myself first, and then makes trading signals available to others. Basically, everything I do is done on live trading accounts with real money as part of my plan to accumulate wealth faster.

And what I’ve learned over the years is that my overall trading approach is just as important for my success as the specific trading strategy I use. I’ve spent a lot of time in front of the charts and trading over the years, and I’ve had multiple revelations that have led to my success.

So, yes, I provide trade signals people can simply follow and get similar results I do. But I find it even more powerful for signal followers to understand the overall trading approach first.

You see, I feel a lot of people approach trading in a way that will never lead to the long term profits they seek. They learned something somewhere, or someone told them something or they simply have misconceptions which makes it impossible for them to be profitable over the long term.

And those errors in approach are the first obstacle that needs to be overcome.

For this reason, I have created a lot of free Forex trading to explain my approach to trading, specifically how to trade the signals, cryptocurrency, etc.

I used to include a lot of this training in my paid products and services. But I feel it is important people have access to this information FIRST… before they decide if the signals are right for them, or not.


Free Forex Training


Please, do not dismiss how important this is to your success. My trading approach involves strategic planning that puts the odds in my favor and results in profits simply by sticking to the trading rules over the long term.

Adopting this trading approach can help you get on the right track from day one, or correct errors or bad habits that may have crept their way into your trading approach.

There is already a lot of information you can access. And I’ll be adding more as time goes on.

All My Signals (Forex & Crypto)
Are Now
In One Place

Previously, I provided Forex signals and Crypto signals separately. This meant two separate services, two emails to send out, two subscriptions and basically double the “work” for me to run the services.

But to make things simpler for myself, and more valuable for my subscribers, I decided to combine ALL the signals into one service. This means ALL my signals are delivered directly to the Inboxes to ALL my subscribers for ONE low price.

The way I trade lends itself perfectly to running a signals service. I trade only once a day, around 5 PM New York time. So, I perform my trading activities on my trading accounts and then send out an email to my subscribers with instructions.

At the time of writing this, here is what is included in the service:


  • Forex signals: GBPJPY, GBPUSD and GBPAUD
  • Crypto signals: BTCUSD and ETHUSD


If you are sitting there saying, “That is not enough signals to make significant profits”, you simply don’t understand my trading approach. That is what the free Forex trading is meant to rectify.

I have plans to add more currency pairs in the future, but just these pairs can be extremely profitable. More is not necessarily better.

You can check out everything included here:

Forex Signals Blast Off

Forex Signals Blast Off

High Profit Potential Forex Signals You Can Actually Follow

  • Immediately Access
  • Template & Scripts For The Metatrader4 Platform Provided
  • Forex Trading Troll Trade Management Tool
  • Signal Emails Sunday - Thursday
  • Emails Sent Between 6 PM & 6:20 PM New York Time
  • All Future Updates
  • No Long Contracts - Cancel At Any Time


If you don’t want to make the trading decisions on your own, and rather follow the trade instructions of an already profitable trader… this is a simple and transparent way to participate in the markets in search of higher than average returns.

Chart Snapshots Included With Each Trade Signal

Previously, I was simply sending out emails with written instructions whenever there were trading activities to perform. But I felt that just getting the entries, stop loss and take profit NUMBERS might be challenging to follow.

I’m a visual learner and like to SEE things with my own eyes. So, I thought that providing the signals in a more visual way would make following the signals even easier and transparent.

Therefore, I am now putting all the trading instructions directly on my charts and taking a snapshot of the chart. This way, subscribers can SEE what is happening on my charts so there is no confusion.

I believe this is going to make following the signals even easier to follow… and eliminate any confusion as to what is happening on my accounts compared to what is happening to the accounts of the subscriber.

Here is an example snapshot:


lifelong financial security


Once a day, I send out an email stating which currency pairs have some kind of activity. There is a link to a snapshot like the one above. The subscriber can see what happened on my account, follow the instructions and perform the action on their account.

Very simple trade instructions once a day means no missed trades or mismanaged trades.

Live Trading Accounts For Each Trading Signal

Ever since I’ve been providing signals people have been asking for my live accounts to be hooked up to third party tracking like MyFXBook. I get it, there are a lot of scams and misinformation out there, so people are skeptical.

But I always resisted this because my finances are personal. I’m trading Forex and Crypto to accumulate wealth faster and secure my financial future. I’m not trading Forex and Crypto with the singular goal of running a signals service.

And since this is my live trading with real money, I always felt my personal financial situation was private. Plus, for those that know my story, you know my wife and I were dealing with a lot of family illnesses.

I needed the flexibility to access my money if necessary, move money around and so forth. Sometimes a little thing like LIFE gets in the way of trading an account with the purpose of providing long term proof of performance.

And I didn’t feel like having to make explanations for everything I did in my live accounts to those wanting to verify my trading results.

But I’ve come up with a way to make my trading activity transparent and fulfill the wishes of those wanting to verify my trading results.

Here is what I’m doing for 2022:

If you’ve been following what I do, you know I invest in Bitcoin. And my broker, RoboForex, allows for the funding of accounts in Bitcoin. This means I can do my Forex trading or Crypto trading and my profits/losses are in Bitcoin.


RoboForex is the broker I use. I’ve found they provide the best trading conditions for the currency pairs I trade and the account funding options I want

  • 24/5 Forex Trading
  • 24/7 Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Can fund accounts in Bitcoin & Ethereum


My goal is to trade these Bitcoin funded accounts, increase my Bitcoin holdings and then if Bitcoin’s price continues to rise… I’ll have more of it.

This way of growing my Bitcoin holdings has explosive profit potential.

Therefore, I’ve started live accounts for everything I trade with a small amount of Bitcoin in each account. I’ll be trading these accounts live and using the tactics I outline in the free Forex training (such as using the Training Wheels Protocol and adding to my accounts over time).

Basically, I want to show everyone how to start with a small account and systematically grow the account over time using the signals and techniques I teach. These accounts WILL be connected to a third party verification service like MyFXBook once they get some trading activity.

This way, I can still keep my US dollar accounts private while providing 3rd party verified performance for my trading.

Now, don’t worry about these accounts being in Bitcoin and wanting to trade fiat money like US dollar or EURO. The accounts still reflect what is going on in my accounts correctly and the percentages are accurate.

If you follow the signals, your profits and losses will be in the currency you fund your accounts. For these accounts my profits will be in Bitcoin. For you, it will be in whatever currency you funded your accounts with.

Basically, at long last, and at the request of an untold number of people, I’ll have some live trading accounts with 3rd party tracking.

Forex & Crypto Signals Trade Copy Option

OK, since I’m hooking some live trading accounts up for 3rd party verification, why not offer a trade copy option?

Sounds like a good idea.

As a matter of fact, my broker RoboForex has a trade copy option called CopyFX. So, I’ll be setting these accounts up for copy trading as well.

For people living in locations where they can join RoboForex, they would be able to hook their accounts up to mine, and then the trading activities would happen on autopilot.

However, I understand a lot of people cannot use the same broker I do. So, I’ll be exploring offering trade copying directly through Metatrader4. Therefore, if you can use a Metatrader4 platform, the most widely used and freely available trading platform, there will be a trade copy option for you as well.

I’ll be making these trade copy alternatives available as soon as the new trading accounts get some trade history.

In Conclusion

The end of the year is a time for reflection. And in thinking about my trading and goal to help others trade profitably over the long term, I’ll be implementing some changes and improvements for 2022.


  • More free Forex training will be made available so people can understand my approach to trade BEFORE making the decision to join my service or use one of my products
  • ALL my signals will be included in Forex Signals Blast Off, and anything I add in the future will be at no extra cost.
  • Chart snapshots and having the accounts hooked up to 3rd party verifications services not only will make the signals service more transparent and instill confidence, but will make following the signals easier as well.
  • Once the accounts get rolling, there will be trade copy options for people who want the trading to happen on autopilot.

I hope these changes and improvements are to your liking.

As the year comes to a close, what are you planning for 2022 to accumulate wealth faster so you can create the wealth you need in the time you have?

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