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Trade Juice VS Forex Signals Blast Off

Trade Juice VS Forex Signals Blast Off: How Comparing Two Very Different Forex Signals Services Can Open Your Eyes To A Little Known Path To Forex Trading Success

Trade Juice VS Forex Trading Blast Off

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I want to do a Trade Juice VS Forex Signals Blast Off comparison because these Forex signals services are extremely different. And in the differences you can learn a lot about what kind of trader you want to be and define your path to trading success. (Or at least, you can easily see the path I have taken).

Trade Juice is a cloud based signals service that provides AI generated signals updated every 15 minutes for the Forex, Commodities, Indices and Crypto markets. Forex Signals Blast Off sends human generated trade signals once a day directly to your Inbox on a limited number of currency pairs (only ONE during the Flagship Subscription period).

So, right out of the gate, you can see that these two Forex signals services are very different. Let’s explore these differences in more detail to see what we can learn.

Characteristics Of Trade Juice

To be clear and transparent, I want to say that I did not join Trade Juice or have a personal experience using the service. This is the information I could gather from attending a webinar and looking over the materials provided.

Let’s go over what Trade Juice has to offer.

♦ Cloud Based, AI Generated Signals Dashboard

Trade Juice is a cloud-based signals dashboard. This means you go to a website to get the signals. The signals are generated by a computer program that monitors the markets and produces signals from a strategy with 65% to 75% accuracy.

From what I can tell, it looks like an ABC trend continuation strategy, but don’t quote me on that.

♦ Signals For Forex, Commodities, Indices and Crypto

There are a lot of markets covered by the service. So, Trade Juice does not only produce trade signals for Forex currency pairs. You’ll get signals for commodities, indices and crypto as well.

♦ Signals For Multiple Time Frames

Multiple time frames are covered, so wherever the AI finds a trade setup, you’ll get a signal. You’ll get signals on lower time frames with smaller stop losses as well as higher time frames trading with larger stop losses.

♦ Signals Dashboard Updated Every 15 Minutes

The AI is constantly monitoring the markets, and the signals dashboard is updated every 15 minutes. Considering there are signals for Forex, Commodities, Indices and Crypto on multiple time frames updated every 15 minutes… there should be a LOT of signals produced throughout the day.

♦ What Information The Signals Provides

OK, here is the info you get with the signals:

  • What to trade (currency pair, commodity, indices or crypto)
  • Time Frame
  • Direction (Bearish for SELL trades or Bullish for BUY trades)
  • Entry Price, Target Price and Stop Loss Price
  • Risk to Reward
  • Chart – You can click a button to see the chart where the signal was generated.

From the information provided, it looks like you are expected to get into the signals at a specific price and set your stop loss and one target according to price levels as well. I guess you can do this by using pending orders… or if the price is close you could use a market order.

One thing I do like is the fact you get the Risk to Reward for each trade. This way you can focus on higher risk to reward trades, which is what I like to do.

OK, next I want to talk about what I think it would be like to use this service.

What Kind Of Trader Would Benefit From
Trade Juice

The first thing I want to note is it looks like you are going to get A LOT of signals. I mean, you are going to get so many signals there is no way you are going to be able to trade all of them.  So, you are going to have to figure out how you are going to use the signals.

You could stick to the things you prefer to trade, or the time frames you prefer. Or, you could filter your trading by risk to reward. Mostly, I feel the trades you’ll take are going to be kind of random.

Since you are only given the entry with stop loss and one target, I feel this is a true set and forget way of trading.  It does not look like you are going to get trade management instructions. Therefore, you are either going to set up the trade and let it go to stop loss or take profit… or you are going to have to come up with your own strategy for managing the trades once you are in the market.

From the webinar, the creator says he simply spends a little time a day to find 2-4 trades and sets up the trades with very low risk for each trade since he has a large account (something like 0.25% per trade if I remember correctly).

So, if you are a trader that wants a lot of trading opportunities each day, you’ll definitely get that here. But I do feel you should have enough trading experience to be able to come up with a trading plan that keeps you from overtrading your account.

The more trades you plan on taking, the lower percentage of your account you should use for each trade.

For the best results, I would come up with a set of rules for managing the trade once it is running… like moving your stop loss to breakeven to remove risk, locking in profit or manually closing the trade at some point.

Taking everything into consideration, if you are looking for computer generated signals that bring your attention to specific charts and time frames and then want to apply your own trading experience and style to the trading, this service would probably do the job.

If what I’ve described sounds like something you are looking for, you can learn more here:

Trade Juice


Now let’s go over Forex Signals Blast Off, which takes a very different approach.

Characteristics Of Forex Signals Blast Off

This is my signals service, and it really does take a very different approach to providing trade signals.  So, let’s take a look.

♦ Human Generated (Me) Signals Sent To Your Inbox Once A Trading Day

These are trade signals generated by me, applying a trading approach strategically designed to be profitable over time. I’ll be applying a rule based strategy I created and  trading the signals myself on my own account, so I’m sticking to the rules to get the best results.

The trade signals are determined at the close of one daily candle and the open of the next candle, so only once a day. Since most brokers switch days at 5 PM New York time, that is the time I will be trading.

Instead of getting fancy, I’m simply going to be sending out an email with the signals instructions. And since the signals are created around 5 PM New York time, you should expect the email between 5 PM and 5:20 PM New York time.

♦ Signals For Forex Only

For this service, I will only be concentrating on Forex currency pairs. More specifically, I choose my currency pairs based on how the markets move. I look for pairs with a history of providing decent size swings in the market so I can trade with a high risk to reward ratio.

♦ Signals For The Daily Time Frame

I am trading off the Daily time frame only. Not only is the daily time frame more “stable” than lower time frames resulting in stronger setups… but it dramatically reduces the amount of time you need to spend trading.

One of my major requirements for trading is… My Earnings Must Exceed My Efforts. By reducing my trading down to just minutes a day, it is very easy to make profits that definitely feel “worth it”.

♦ Signals Come Out 5 Days A Week

Since we are trading the Forex market, we can only provide signals when the markets are open. This means you will get a signal email Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The market closes on Friday evening, so there is not enough time to place a trade before the market closes. Therefore, any signals or trade activity produced by the Friday candle is performed on Sunday night when the market opens back up.

♦ What Information The Signals Provides

OK, here is the info you get with the signals:

  • Currency Pair
  • Buy or Sell Signal
  • Stop Loss, Take Profit 1 and Take Profit 2 in PIPS

This is all the information you need to place the trades. But you also will receive trade management instructions such as:

  • Move Stop Loss to Breakeven +2 (Removing all risk from the trade)
  • Move Stop Loss to X Number Of Pips (To lock in profits)
  • Manually Close The Trade (This can happen both in and out of profit)

Basically, you are given all the instructions needed to place and manage the trade exactly as I do. And since we are only taking trading actions once a day, there should be no reason to miss trades.

♦ Trade Plan Overview

The signals are End Of Day, Set and Forget style. But that does not mean we are only setting up the trades and letting them run to either stop loss or take profit. We will be managing the trades at trading time as well.

I want to stack the odds as much in our favor as possible. Therefore, we are applying trade management tactics to our trading to help profitability and make the trading more psychologically appealing.

Here is what I mean…

Breakeven Trail: If the trade goes in our favor, there will be a point where we’ll move the stop loss to Breakeven +2. This takes all the risk off the trade and the worst that can happen is you get taken out of the market with a very small gain.

Partial Profits: We will be taking half the position size off the trade at the 1R level. What this means is, if the trade has a 100 pip stop loss, we will be taking partial profits at the +100 pip level.  At this point you have no risk on the trade AND have banked some profit.

I find this tactic to help traders stick to the trading rules psychologically, because once you have a winning trade that makes you money and no risk on the trade it is a lot easier to stay in the market and follow the rules.

Trail Stop To Lock In Profits: If the trade continues to go in our direction, at some point we want to lock in 1R worth of profits. This means the worst you can do is make the same amount of profit as you made when you closed half the position size.

For example, if the stop loss was 100 pips and you took partial profits at +100 pips, the stop loss is moved to +100 to lock those pips in.

Manual Close: And let’s be honest… trading can be messy. So, there might be a time where my strategy indicates we should manually close the trade and either cut the loss short or take any profits we’ve accumulated.

As you can see, you are getting much more than an entry signal with beginning stop loss and take profit levels.  You are getting all the instructions you need to trade the signals like I am.

Trading Tools Provided

I want to make trading Forex Signals Blast Off as simple and accurate as possible. Therefore, I am including the exact trading tools I use to place and manage my trades.

  • BUY and SELL Scripts: These scripts make placing the trades with the proper lot size, stop loss and take profit drag-and-drop simple.
  • Forex Trading Troll:  This is a trade management Expert Advisor I had created years ago.  This tool allows certain trading activities to be automated like moving the stop loss and taking partial profits.

These tools are for the Metatrader4 platform. But even if you want to trade the signals on a different platform, you can, you just won’t be able to use the tools.

Furthermore, I go over 2 different ways to trade the signals, one using the Forex Trading Troll and the other without using the tool. But we will go over that in the next section.

OK, next I want to talk about what I think it would be like to use this service.

Forex Signals Blast Off

Forex Signals Blast Off

High Profit Potential Forex Signals You Can Actually Follow

  • Immediately Access
  • Template & Scripts For The Metatrader4 Platform Provided
  • Forex Trading Troll Trade Management Tool
  • Signal Emails Sunday - Thursday
  • Emails Sent Between 6 PM & 6:20 PM New York Time
  • All Future Updates
  • No Long Contracts - Cancel At Any Time


What Kind Of Trader Would Benefit From
Forex Signals Blast Off

Most people think successful Forex trading is all about having great entries. Or the strategy is the most important element. But I think your overall trading approach is just as important, if not more so.

I take a Single Focus Approach to trading. By this I mean, I treat each currency pair as a separate and independent income stream.  I trade one currency pair per account which allows me to strictly control the overall risk on the account.

If you trade multiple currency pairs per account, you need to control the risk on the overall account by lowering the risk per trade. This means your account growth is determined by ALL the trades together.

And in my experience, some currency pairs will perform better than others. That means the pairs that don’t perform as well drag down the profits of the best performing pairs.

The Single Focus Approach is better, in my opinion and based on my experience, because one high performing currency pair can grow faster due to compounding because they are not being dragged down by lower performance pairs.

So, the first thing you need to realize to see the value of this service is that MORE is not necessarily better when it comes to Forex signals.

Trading these signals should appeal to people who want to keep their screen time down to a minimum, take care of all trading activities once a day and then get back to their busy lives.

Since you are only getting one email per day at the same time (5 to 5:20 PM New York Time) it is very easy for traders with limited time to use the service correctly.

There are two ways to trade the signals:

  • Conduct all the trading activities once a day as instructed in the email. This is good for traders who don’t have a Virtual Private Server or don’t want to leave their computer running and connected to the Internet.
  • Use the Forex Trading Troll trade management expert advisor provided. This is perfect for traders who want most of the trading activities done for them on autopilot after the trade has been placed (which requires being connected to the Internet by leaving the computer on or using a VPS).

I am trading the exact signals I provide using the Forex Trading Troll. I’ve provided Preset based on the stop loss value so subscribers can use the exact settings I’m using. All activity is reported in the signals email, so those not using the Troll can perform the trade actions manually.

To wrap this up, if you are looking to use a Forex signals service and basically trade along with the trader making the trading decisions, then this is a good service for you.  

The service is designed to be easily duplicated so you’ll achieve very similar results as I experience in my trading account. Simply do what I do once a trading day.

If what I’ve described sounds like something you are looking for, you can learn more here:

Forex Signals Blast Off


How The Trade Juice VS Forex Signals Blast Off Comparison Exposes My Preferred Path To Forex Trading Success

I think that looking at Trade Juice VS Forex Signals Blast Off, you can tell a lot about the way I approach trading. Similarly, what I’ve created reveals a lot about what I focus on that has led to my success.

I do things in very specific ways, because that is what has led to my success. And I have gone to great lengths to create a Forex signals service that allows my subscribers to trade in the exact same manner.

The Single Focus Approach and the way I manage trades after they are placed are very important for keeping me on the path of profitable Forex trading. So, for traders who see the strategic advantage of this path, I think this is a great opportunity.

It is striking how different my approach is compared to other Forex signals offered out there.

Most services think MORE is better. This means you are going to get a lot of signals at any time day or night. Furthermore, you are pretty much going to have to come up with a plan of how you are going to trade the signals… because you are definitely not going to be able to trade all the signals.

Basically, you are not going to get similar results as the service boasts, because you will be trading a fraction of the signals with your own input mixed in. And that might be more appealing for the personality of some traders with a decent level of experience.

In the end, if you are interested in a Forex signals service, it is up to you to decide:

  • Choose a Forex signals service that truly wants you to follow along and adopt a specific trading approach like Forex Signals Blast Off.
  • Or choose a signals service that takes a “shotgun approach” and gives you tons of signals you’ll need to figure out on your own how to turn into profits in your trading account like Trade Juice.

I’ve told you what I think, and it is clear the path I’ve taken. Now it is time for you to choose your own path.


To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax

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  • michael morrison

    I already bought your Forex Trading Blast Off in March of 2020. So nothing has changed except you will be sending us the signals, correct?

    • Admin


      Sorry for the confusion.

      Forex TRADING Blast Off and Forex SIGNALS Blast Off are completely separate offers. The strategy I teach is not the same as the one I am using to run the signals service. I understand the confusion because both offers deal with the GBPJPY currency pair. But there will be more pairs added to the signals service as time goes on after the Flagship Subscription phase.

      Basically, you can continue to trade the strategy I teach for the GBPJPY as instructed. Or, if you feel you want to follow signals, you can join the new service and get signals for the GBPJPY and others as time goes on. But FTBO customers are not automatically going to get the signals as they are two completely different offers.

      Again, sorry for the confusion.