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Solo Build It For WP

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I use Solo Build It for WP (WordPress) to build all my online businesses.

  • Solo Build It for WP gives me the proven plan and tools to make sure my blogging businesses have the best chance to succeed.
  • And WordPress is the best platform for running by blogging businesses.

But unfortunately, finding this winning combination did not happen right at the start.

Looking back on all my years of creating online businesses, there is one thing I credit for my success over everything else… Solo Build It.

As embarrassing as it is to say, my story might be considered a cautionary tale. But it must be revealed in order to help you get started right. Please, learn from my mistakes.

This page is detailed, so I suggest reading the page all the way through once, and then use the Table Of Contents to revisit specific sections later.


My Humbling Online Business Beginnings

Way back in 2005 my wife and I decided to team up to make money online. And to say the least, our online journey got off to a really rough start.

Here are the circumstances of our online beginnings…

      • Her father had a stroke and we moved from the US (where I’m from) to Chile (where she’s from) to help out around 2002.
      • We had to make money somehow, so I started a restaurant with all of the money we had saved.
      • After years of struggle, the restaurant failed.
      • We still wanted to stay in Chile to help her mom and dad, so we NEEDED to make money somehow.
      • We figured the Internet was the only option we could afford.

Sadly, we didn’t know what we were doing. The beginning of our online business journey can be characterized by “putting out fires”. As soon as we would overcome one obstacle, another problem would pop up.

It looked like this too would be a failure. I knew we didn’t know what we were doing and didn’t have the time or money to figure everything out on our own. We needed help.

Luckily, we found Solo Build It by Sitesell.

How Solo Build It For WP by Sitesell
Helped Us Succeed

Whenever you start something new, you don’t know what you don’t know. This can make the learning process harder, longer and more costly than it has to be.

      • But what if someone already figured everything out and was willing to guide you?
      • What if they compiled all the tools you’ll need to succeed and teach you how to use them?
      • And what if you stopped spending so much time trying to figure out what you don’t know… and just started doing things CORRECTLY right from the beginning?

This is Solo Build It by Sitesell in a nutshell.

Check out this video for a quick overview…



By using Solo Build It, I was able to understand what I was building before I got started. Better yet, I was able to plan my online business so it would have the highest probability of success.

Solo Build It gave me everything I needed in one place so I could stop trying to piece everything together on my own. Not only is this way simpler, but way cheaper as well.

And finally, Solo Build It allowed me to start working on the parts of my online business that put money in my pocket. Thanks to SBI, I spent less time struggling with technology, and more time growing my business.

We were finally on the right path. I started a fitness business where I sold my own cheap eBooks ($19.95) and built it into something that I desperately needed… money.

I made enough money to stay in Chile and live a decent life just with these eBook sales and affiliate promotions. Solo Build It literally saved me and my wife.

But then I got cocky. (Cautionary tale ahead).

My Biggest Mistake That Cost Us Big Time

Back when I started with Solo Build It by Sitesell, there was only one option to build a website. You had to use their website builder. And honestly, there is nothing wrong with that.

But I had it in my head that we could build a “better” website by using WordPress. So, I did the unthinkable.

I left Solo Build It.

Wrongly, I figured I had learned enough to be successful without the infrastructure, tools and guidance. I think you can predict how this all worked out.

BIG mistake.

Look, I’m not going to lie. We had learned enough at our time with Solo Build It and building our first successful online fitness business that we were not complete failures. We were able to continue making money online to some degree.

But it felt like we had returned to the beginning. We hadn’t stuck to the process that made us successful in the first place and were easily sidetracked. This resulted in a substantial reduction to our income.

It got to the point where I wanted to go back to what had made us successful in the first place… Solo Build It by Sitesell. And when I returned to the site to check things out I was shocked to see a new development.

Solo Build It now has an option to work with WordPress.

Solo Build It! for WP

Anyone Can Build a Website.

Few Become Profitable Online Businesses.

What's the Difference?

How Solo Build It For WP
Put Us Back On Track

Now at Solo Build It, there is a Solo Build It for WP option. I can use the same Action Guide and Tools to plan and grow my online business… but run the business using WordPress.

I love WordPress, and my only hesitation for returning to Site Build It was not being able to use WordPress (and all the plugins) to build my sites. But now, with Site Build It for WP… I get the best of both worlds.

I signed up immediately.

This is how I use Solo Build It for WP to start, build and grow my profitable online businesses:

      • Research new niche online business ideas using the tool Niche Choose It!
      • Fine tune my online business ideas using the tool Brainstorm It!
      • Do all my keyword research using the tool Master Keyword List.
        • Find valuable keywords I can try to rank for using the Solid Potential filter.
        • Study the competition using the tool Search It!
        • Check keyword profitability by importing Google Ads info into my list.
        • Look for monetization opportunities using the tool Search It!
      • Look for groups of keywords using the Groups scanner.
      • Create my site structure using the tool Blueprint It!

By going through this process, I can practically guarantee success before I even start.

Using Solo Build It for WP with my WordPress sites allowed us to get back on track.

      • No more false starts… because we research everything out beforehand.
      • No more wondering what to do next… because we follow the Action Plan.
      • No more getting sidetracked… we just stick to what works.

And guess what happened? Our income increased.

It’s funny how following a proven plan and spending our valuable time on things that actually grow our businesses leads to more money. (I know… pretty obvious, right?)

So, we are using Solo Build It for WP… and we are sticking to the plan. And hey, I guess it is working because you are here right now reading this.

If you want to start an online business to make money, my number 1 recommendation is to use Solo Build It for WP.

Learn More About Solo Build It for WP

Solo Build It for WP brings the business building process, tools and guidance to your WordPress site. This is literally the best of both worlds:

The Solo Build It proven process and tools +
Wordpress for building your site

This is what I use. And on this website, I’ll be teaching you to do what I do. (I dislike teaching experiences where people TELL you what to do, instead of SHOWING you what they are doing).

Solo Build It! for WP

Anyone Can Build a Website.

Few Become Profitable Online Businesses.

What's the Difference?

Solo Build It! for WP is the perfect solution for people who want to build their online business with WordPress. It is also perfect for people who have websites built with WordPress, but are not getting the results they want.

So, if you are just getting started, or looking to improve your WordPress website, this is the solution I recommend.

ME actually using Site Build It for WP and YOU actually reading this right now… is the best testament I can think of to the effectiveness of this SBI + WordPress combination.

Ignore My Advice At Your Own Risk

When you look at Solo Build It for WP you might think it is not as “flashy” or “slick” as some other online business solutions. But that is exactly why it works. They focus on what really matters and help you focus on building a money making online business the right way.

Looking back, my wife and I got sidetracked a lot. We spent a lot of time and money learning how to do things that really didn’t help grow our business at all. These were costly and time consuming mistakes.

My best advice is this:

Use Solo Build It for WP to keep you focused on a proven plan that works, build your website with WordPress and start an online business to make money… that actually makes money.

I’ll teach you some other really cool stuff to help you succeed faster. But if you want to get off on the right foot, start with Solo Build It for WP.

If you haven’t done so already, to see exactly how I put my online businesses together and how much it costs, check this out:


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To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax

P.S. Building an online business to make money is only part of the plan.

If you haven’t done so already, signup free to get the plan…


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