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Simple Forex Trading For A Lifetime Income

Simple Forex Trading For A Lifetime Income With Short Learning Curve, Low Start-Up Cost & Small Time Commitment

Simple Forex Trading For A Lifetime Income


On this page, we are going to explore how simple Forex trading can help you achieve your financial goals, even if you are getting a late start.

Benjamin Franklin supposedly once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” 

The statement is true in Forex trading, and you have probably heard this before. And it is certainly true when it comes to saving enough money for retirement.  

It doesn’t matter what age you are now… if you don’t carefully plan your retirement strategy, you’ll most likely become one in a large group of people who fail to accumulate sufficient retirement funds.

According to the Washington Post, 71 percent of Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement. And according to TIME, 1 in 3 Americans has saved $0 for retirement. Whether you are in the United States or in another country, I think it is safe to say that the outlook on having enough money for retirement is bleak!

A major contributing factor to these unsettling statistics is undoubtedly the failure to set a realistic plan in motion for financial security. 

But regardless of what age you are when reading this report, this does not have to happen to you!  At least not if I can help it (and, of course, you take some actions as well).

If you spend a few minutes reading this page, I’m going to give you specific steps you can use as your blueprint for financial security.  You can even start implementing these steps as early as today!

Simple Forex trading is just that… simple.

And perhaps the best thing about what I am going to share with you today is this:  It doesn’t matter who you are, if you have experience with Forex trading or not, how old you are or how much money you have saved for retirement.

If you see the wisdom of this plan, and take action, this blueprint can help you build financial security few enjoy!

But before I get into the 3-step-plan and very specific actions steps you can take, I want to set the stage with a story.  (Stay with me here, because this is IMPORTANT!)


Why Most People Don’t Have Enough Money Saved For Retirement


Let’s take a look at the story of a “typical” person we will call John.

John was a good student and after finishing High School decided to go to college. After college, he entered the workforce (with student loans to be paid off). Upon graduation he married Jane, his college sweetheart who also graduated at the same time and entered the workforce (also with student loans).

Now that money was coming in, they had to take care of some essentials…

  • They needed to pay back their loans.
  • They needed a place to live.
  • They needed cars to drive to work.
  • They needed work clothes.
  • Basically, they needed EVERYTHING a newly married couple needed.

Even though both John and Jane were working, money was tight. They were smart and resourceful and built a decent life for themselves, but there was not a lot of “extra” money at the end of the month.

And then they decided to have their first child.

Their already tight finances were now under even more stress. But they planned well and stuck to a budget so they were able to move forward and provide a decent life for themselves and their new child.

Over the years they wanted to have a larger family and they were blessed with 2 more children. And as with every other addition to their lives, they were able to “get by” and provide for the family.

Now let’s fast forward to their 40’s. Most of their children are in college, and the last one is getting ready to go. Over the years they saved for their children’s education, even though it was tough, and were happy their children could go to college without any student loans.

Now it was time to prioritize retirement planning. Sure, they had some retirement funds due to government programs and retirement plans at their jobs. But now that most of the expenditures of that little thing known as “LIFE” were behind them… it was time to look to the future and make sure they had financial security.

What they found shocked them. No matter how they looked at it, they did not have enough money saved for retirement. Sure, they still had some good working years left where they could save, but with their current expenses it would be virtually impossible to reach a comfortable level of financial security.

John and Jane started searching for ways to boost their retirement savings. They searched online and most of the advice about having enough money for retirement could be boiled down to this:


Start saving for retirement in your 20’s and take advantage of compound interest of 6%- 8% a year on investments over a long period of time.



After working, struggling and sacrificing to have a decent life all this time… John and Jane find out they were doing it wrong. They should have been prioritizing retirement savings from day 1 of entering the workforce.  Looking back on their lives, they couldn’t see how they could have saved more for retirement and still take care of all the financial obligations life threw at them.

This was very heartbreaking.

Since there is no time-machine which would allow them to go back and start saving right out of college, they explored their options.

  • Maybe they could stay in the workforce longer.
  • Maybe they could scale back their lifestyle.
  • Maybe they could sell their home (where they raised their children), and move into something smaller.
  • Maybe they could get a part time job after “retirement” with Uber, McDonalds or Wal-Mart to make ends meet.

Just like they had done all their lives, they would “get by” and figure something out to “make it work”.

But it just didn’t feel right. 

Their financial future felt unsure. 

And no matter what point of view they took… they were disappointed with what a lifetime of study and work ended up meaning for their “golden years”.

This made up story about John and Jane is not all that uncommon. The truth is, if you look at the stats, the vast majority of people reach retirement age without enough money. And by the time they figure this out, it feels too late to do anything about it.

While my life path is somewhat different than the one depicted in this story, there is one major similarity… I reached my 40’s and became concerned about my ability to reach my goal of financial security.  I too felt my financial future was unsure.

What about you? 

Are you on a clear path to financial security in your retirement years?

If the statistics are correct… most of you are not.

Now, I’m not one of those people who set out to paint a desolate picture of the future without looking for a real solution. I DO have a solution.  And it actually is fairly simple…


The 3-Step-Plan For Financial Security

Like I stated earlier, no matter what age you are when reading this page, if you don’t put a realistic plan into motion to ensure your financial security, you will most likely reach retirement age without the amount of money you need. And one day you will have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that accompanies financial insecurity.

Of course, the earlier you start putting this simple Forex trading plan into action the better. But the beauty of this plan is it can still work even if you think it is “too late” to meaningfully improve your financial future.

Here is the plan in simple terms…

  1.     Think & Act Like The Wealthy
  2.     Start A Simple Forex Trading Business
  3.     Generate a LIFETIME Income

*Note* I’m going to give you specific action steps in the upcoming sections. You’re about to discover exactly what you need to do in order to create financial security for yourselves using simple Forex trading.  So read on. **

Now, let’s go over each of these steps in more detail…


Step 1: Think & Act Like The Wealthy

Most people adhere to what I call the “Save & Spend” philosophy of retirement. Basically, during your working years you are supposed to save for retirement. And then, once you retire, you are supposed to spend the money you saved.

And as we discussed earlier, this “Save & Spend” plan is just not working out for most people. For one reason or another, most people just don’t seem to save enough for retirement and deal with the financial burdens of life at the same time. Therefore, when it comes time to spend the money they saved for retirement… it just isn’t enough.

And that leads to financial insecurity.

So, we need to look elsewhere for a plan that actually leads to financial security. Let’s take a page out of the playbook of the wealthy. You see, wealthy people enjoy financial security, and in most cases have more money than they can spend in their lifetimes.

And it should come as no surprise that the wealthy do not adhere to a “Save & Spend” approach to their financial lives. Wealthy people adhere to what I call an “Own & Invest” philosophy. Basically, they start and run businesses and invest their money so their money works for them and makes more money.


Unlike the “Save & Spend” group, the “Own & Invest” group can enjoy INCOME from their businesses and investments for their entire life… and beyond!


The wealthy never reach a point where there is no more income and they have to start living off their savings.  Money just keeps coming in.  And as long as their expenses are less than their income, life is good and they enjoy the freedom and peace of mind that can only come with financial security.

So, the first thing you need to do is reject the “Save & Spend” philosophy and adopt the “Own & Invest” philosophy.  You need to start thinking and acting like the wealthy if you want to reach the kind of financial security the wealthy enjoy.

Now, even if you see the wisdom of what I am saying in theory, I know some of you might be having some objections about starting your own business and entering the world of investing.

For example, some objections about starting your own business might be…


  • “I don’t have enough money to start my own business”.
  • “I don’t want to risk the little money I have saved for retirement starting a business that might fail”.
  • “Even if I could start my own business, I just won’t have the physical energy to run the day to day operations once I reach retirement age.”


And I would agree with you 100% if I were suggesting you start a business like a Deli or a Dry Cleaner. Running your own business normally costs an enormous amount of money up front, can be very risky and can be both physically and emotionally exhausting.

But as you’ll see, the simple Forex trading business I am talking about does not have any of the downfalls of other businesses.

Some objections about investing might be…

  • “Since I didn’t start saving for retirement until late, investing and receiving 6% to 8% a year gains is just not going to add up to much”.
  • “Since I am getting a late start, I cannot take advantage of compound interest to reach higher levels of returns over the long run”.
  • “In order to make investing worthwhile at this late stage in the game, I’ll have to focus on risky investments that could possibly lose everything”.

Again, as you will see, the kind of investing I am talking about can make meaningful gains without starting with a lot of money, needing decades to make it pay off or being overly risky.

As a matter of fact, the kind of business I am proposing…

  • Can be started with very little startup capital.
  • Can enjoy much higher percentage gains than other investment methods.
  • Allows you to control risk.
  • Can be scaled up to make as much money as you want.
  • And can be run in as little as 1 minute a day.  (As a matter of fact, it works out to about 4 hours and 20 minutes of work A YEAR!)

And the best part is: This business opportunity actually combines being a business owner and investing into one… adhering to the “Own & Invest” philosophy that leads to financial security for the wealthy. 

This brings us to the next step.

Step 2: Start A Simple Forex Trading Business

If you want to take a page out of the wealthy person’s handbook, you need to become a business owner and investor. Owning and running a simple Forex trading business kills two birds with one stone.

You are a business owner, and your business is investing in the currency market

This approach puts you in the position to continue generating usable income well after retirement age, and keeps you from suffering from financial insecurity like the “Save & Spend” group.

Just think about it…

Imagine you retire and start receiving your retirement benefits. Even if they are not enough, they are something. And then add on top of that the income you generate running your simple Forex trading business.  

You are no longer restricted to just the money you saved in your working years… because you continue to receive an income from the Forex trading business you own and operate.


The trick is to run your simple Forex trading business in a way that can be maintained for a LIFETIME INCOME and produce enough profits to achieve financial security.


Here are some prerequisites for running such a business:


  • Short learning curve
  • Low startup cost
  • Small time commitment



RoboForex is the broker I use. I’ve found they provide the best trading conditions for the currency pairs I trade and the account funding options I want

  • 24/5 Forex Trading
  • 24/7 Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Can fund accounts in Bitcoin & Ethereum


If you start a business that can be learned in a short time, it only requires a small amount of money to get started and only takes a few minutes a day to operate… you will be able to get the business up and running in no time, and keep it going well into your golden years.

The best way to get up and running as fast as possible is to become an INDEPENDENT trader by learning a simple Forex trading strategy. Let’s go over these prerequisites a little more closely using the trading method I teach at Forex Trading Blast Off.

Prerequisite 1: Short learning curve:  Learning about the Forex market, and trading in general, can be a daunting task.  It could take years, or decades, to learn about all the aspects of trading Forex. 

Luckily, there is a shortcut. 


The shortest path to successful Forex trading is by learning from an at-home trader that is already successful.


Instead of trying to learn everything there is to know about Forex, why not just learn exactly what you need to know from someone who has figured out how to be profitable? This approach will dramatically reduce the time it takes to open your simple Forex trading business and reach profitability.

The truth is, all the “skills” you need to trade profitably can be learned very quickly. If you can turn on a computer, navigate the Internet and send an email, you probably have all the technical skills you need to place trades properly.  

And as far as learning the trading strategy… that is really easy as well.

Recently, my wife and I have been dealing with a family illness (her mother has lung cancer). It made me realize that I really need to teach my wife how to trade just in case anything happened to me. Our financial future should not be predicated on me alone.

As a result, I created a simple to learn and simple to trade strategy that beats other investment opportunities. She was able to learn it quickly, and I’m sure you will be able to as well.  (I plan on teaching my Godchildren once they get a little older as well).

So, the short learning curve is no problem.

Prerequisite 2: Low Startup Cost: Even if you have a substantial amount of money saved for retirement, I’m sure you do not want to risk it all, or even a major part of it, in your new Forex business endeavor.  Therefore, you need to get started without risking too much.

The good news is we, as at-home traders, have advantages over other investment opportunities and even Wall Street traders. While they are very happy with returns of 5%-10% average yearly gains over the long run… we can do much better.

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The past 6 years have actually been very good for the S&P 500.  

But as you can see above, it IS possible to accumulate wealth a lot faster by using a very simple Forex trading strategy. And if you do what I do and run multiple trading accounts (businesses) you can create multiple income streams… all with the potential to beat other investment opportunities.

Even with a small initial investment, it is possible to start making money that matters in a relatively short amount of time compared to other ways of investing.

Let’s move on…

Prerequisite 3: Small Time Commitment: You want to be able to run your business without the business consuming your lives. The last thing you want to do is create a “job” for yourselves. By that I mean, you don’t want to have to spend hours a day, every working day, running your simple Forex trading business.  

You are supposed to be “retired” after all.

The good news is, the way I trade can be completed in 1 minute a day.

Not only does profitable trading not need to be time consuming, but there is an added benefit to spending as little time on trading as possible.

I am a true believer that in order to stick with trading for the long-term EARNINGS MUST EXCEED EFFORT.

Just think about it. If you had to sit in front of the computer for hours a day doing battle with the markets, your expectations are going to be high. The more effort you put into trading, the more money you are going to want for your efforts.

However, when you only put in 1 minute a day… ANY gains are going to seem “worth it”. This means you are much more likely to stick with the trading for the long haul… which is the only way you are going to get the profits you deserve.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you cannot make some impressive profits trading Forex in 1 minute a day. I am just saying that the profits are even MORE impressive because you spend such a little amount of time do it.

I think you can start to see why owning and operating a simple Forex trading business is one of the best wealth accumulating opportunities available.

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Step 3: Generate A Lifetime Income

The final step of this 3-step-plan is to generate a lifetime income. Remember, the name of this post is “Simple Forex Trading For A LIFETIME Income” and is designed to be “Your Blueprint For Financial Security”.  So, let’s recap a little bit…

Remember the story of John and Jane? In the story, they got to their 40’s and took a hard look at their retirement savings… and discovered they did not have enough to retire with financial security.  And the typical advice or solutions they found to reach financial security were just not satisfactory.

So, let’s say they take my advice and decide to start their very own simple Forex trading business like I teach at Forex Trading Blast Off.

At this point, John and Jane are still working. They want to start their Forex trading business small and grow it so when they retire they will have a substantial income coming in from their Forex business.

The good thing about LEARNING how to be an independent trader is they can scale their business to any level they want.

I know it is not enough just to teach a trading strategy. That is why I include for John and Jane exactly how to grow their Forex business and when they should start taking money out.

John and Jane can keep growing their business and increasing their income potential. They can systematically switch from being part of the “Save & Spend” crowd and join the “Own & Invest” crowd that enjoys financial security.  

And this can go on well into their retirement years for a LIFETIME income.

I hope you are starting to see what a tremendous opportunity this is.

Of course, not every year will be the same.  Some years will be better than others. But I don’t think you’ll find a better business opportunity which allows you to apply the “Own & Invest” strategy of the wealthy and achieve financial security.

Besides winning the lottery… a better opportunity for financial security just does not exist!



I think it is clear…


If you don’t make a realistic plan, and set the plan in motion, you are probably not going to reach retirement age with enough money to feel financially secure.


It is time to be proactive and take control of your financial future.

The “Save & Spend” strategy is just not working. Therefore, you must adopt a strategy that works like the “Own & Invest” strategy the wealthy use. This can help you achieve financial security by creating a lifetime income from owning your own business and investments.

And in my opinion, the most accessible and profitable business you can own and run in your retirement years, is a simple Forex trading business as an independent trader.

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