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RoboForex Review 2022 (Real User)

RoboForex Review 2022 –
Why I Personally Use The Forex Broker

Roborex Review

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I want my RoboForex Review to be different from other reviews out there. Because let’s be honest… most Forex broker reviews only regurgitate basic information that can be found on the broker website.  Not-Very-Helpful.

In this RoboForex Review, I am going to give you a PERSONAL take from a REAL user. I’ll explain why I chose this Forex broker and what my real experience has been.

RoboForex Review 2022: I personally use this broker because it offers all the trading conditions I need to put my Forex trading plan into action… which requires some options not available at other brokers.  My personal experience after using RoboForex for over a year has been excellent.

I believe that by understanding my thought process, and learning exactly what I was looking for in a broker, can help you decide if RoboForex is the right broker for you.

But first…

Are You Eligible To Use RoboForex?

When looking for a Forex broker, the very first thing I look at is the Restricted Countries. There is no sense doing in depth research on a broker you cannot use because of where you reside.

This is taken from the RoboForex website:

RoboForex Ltd and it affiliates don’t work on the territory of the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Bonaire, Curaçao, East Timor, Liberia, Saipan, Russia, Sint Eustatius, Tahiti, Turkey, Guinea-Bissau, Micronesia, Northern Mariana Islands, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, South Sudan, and other restricted countries.

So, if you are from one of these restricted countries, you won’t be able to use this broker.

But you might want to consider reading the rest of the RoboForex Review anyway. You can learn what I looked for in a broker… which might help you narrow down your own search as well.

See, you’ve already learned you should make sure you are not in a restricted country first… so you won’t waste time researching a broker you won’t be able to use.

What I Looked For In A Forex Broker

I use Forex and Crypto trading as a way to accumulate wealth faster and create multiple income streams in my quest to secure my financial future. And I have a reputation for trading Forex and Crypto differently than most of what you see out there.

If you want to follow what I do, go here: 

I’ve been at this for over a decade, and in that time I have developed my own trading approach that is strategically designed to be profitable over the long term. Basically, I have a very specific way I do things… so I need a broker that meets all my needs.

Frankly, most brokers fall short of providing everything I need. RoboForex is one of the only brokers that met all my needs. 

Things I need in a broker (that you may or may not need):

24/7 Crypto Trading: 

I trade the BTCUSD and ETHUSD currency pairs. And since the Crypto market does not close, I wanted to be able to trade these pairs 7 days a week.  

Some brokers offer the trading of Crypto pairs… but only 5 days a week. This means there would be two days where I could not make trading decisions – which is not ideal.

At RoboForex I can trade the BTCUSD and ETHUSD (as well as other Cryptocurrency pairs), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Account Base Currency In Bitcoin & Ethereum:

With a portion of my portfolio, I am trading Bitcoin and Ethereum based accounts. Therefore, I needed a broker that allows you to fund and trade accounts with Crypto.

Let me explain…

I have Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings. But I’m not just buying and holding these Cryptocurrencies with the idea that the value will increase over time. I am actively GROWING my Crypto holdings through Forex trading.

You see, when you open a Forex broker account, you need to fund the account. And the currency with which you fund the account is the base currency for the account. All profit and loss is expressed in this currency.

For example, if you fund the account in US dollars, your profit and loss is in US dollars. Even if you are trading the GBPJPY or BTCUSD currency pairs… your profit and loss is in US dollars.

Similarly, if the account base currency is in Bitcoin, your profit and loss is in Bitcoin. Basically, I can trade Forex and grow my Bitcoin holdings by having the base currency of the account in Bitcoin (or Ethereum).

The idea is that if the price of Bitcoin increases over time, I will have more of it… and my Bitcoin holdings will be exponentially higher.  (Same thing with Ethereum).

You can learn more about his here: Discover The Trading And Investing Plan Nobody Is Telling You About (Until Now) That Catapults Your Profit Potential To Head Spinning Heights

Trade Copy Option:

I provide Forex and Crypto signals to my subscribers. They get an email once a day with snapshots of my charts and instructions on the activities I’ve taken for the day (if any).


RoboForex Review


If there is anything to do, subscribers can perform the activity manually on their own account. They can use any broker or trading platform they want, since they are doing things manually.

Forex Signals Blast Off

Forex Signals Blast Off

High Profit Potential Forex Signals You Can Actually Follow

  • Immediately Access
  • Template & Scripts For The Metatrader4 Platform Provided
  • Forex Trading Troll Trade Management Tool
  • Signal Emails Sunday - Thursday
  • Emails Sent Between 6 PM & 6:20 PM New York Time
  • All Future Updates
  • No Long Contracts - Cancel At Any Time


But I also wanted to provide an automatic, trade copy option. And RoboForex provides trade copy capabilities through their proprietary trade copy service called CopyFX.

So, now investors who want to follow my accounts on autopilot can do so. This is a true passive income, 100% hands free, set-and-forget solution.

PMTW Trade Copy

PMTW Trade Copy

100% Hands Free, Set-And Forget Copy Trading Directly From My Accounts To Yours.

For those that don’t have the time or desire to place and manage trades manually… now you can copy my trades on autopilot.


Look, I understand what I personally was looking for in a broker is way more detailed compared to what most people need. But I hope you see, when you are looking for a Forex broker, there is a lot more to think about than the generic information you get from other RoboForex Reviews.

Figure out what you personally need… and then make sure the broker you are interested in provides the needed trading conditions.

My Experience With RoboForex

As you can tell, I was looking for a broker that provided very specific trading conditions. And frankly, it was hard to find a broker that offered everything I was looking for.

Luckily, I found RoboForexand I have had an excellent experience with this broker since day 1. There has never been an issue that made me regret using this broker.

As a matter of fact, there are some things about RoboForex that were even better than expected…

I Love The Personal Member’s Area (Backoffice) At RoboForex:

I trade multiple accounts, and like to add to my accounts regularly. I’m really happy with the back office experience. I particularly like the selection of wallets.

Available Wallet Currencies: USD, EUR, CNY, GOLD, BTC and ETH.

Here is what I do…

I load up my USD Wallet when I want to add to my accounts. Then I do an Internal Transfer to my BTC or ETH wallets when I want to fund my accounts in Crypto. (This makes getting Bitcoin and Ethereum drop dead simple).

The exchange is made immediately and I can then load up my accounts. I love this because everything can be done at the broker, and I don’t have to buy Crypto at an exchange first.

Excellent Customer Service At RoboForex:

Obviously, I needed things most other traders don’t. And to make sure I was going to get what I needed, I contacted support with questions. They were always very fast and helpful and pointed me to the answer I needed.

I have a Personal Manager I can contact directly if I need anything. And she calls me from time to time just to check in and see if I am satisfied with the service.  Very personal attention.

Overall, RoboForex has exceeded my expectations.

RoboForex Review Conclusion

What I was looking for in a Forex broker is probably very different from what most people look for. However, the process I went through to decide on a broker might give you insight on what to look for in a broker.

If you have any SPECIFIC needs, I would spend the time and effort to find a broker that offers the specific trading conditions you are looking for. My needs were very specific and hard to find in one broker.  

Luckily, RoboForex meets all my needs and my experience has been excellent.


RoboForex is the broker I use. I’ve found they provide the best trading conditions for the currency pairs I trade and the account funding options I want

  • 24/5 Forex Trading
  • 24/7 Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Can fund accounts in Bitcoin & Ethereum


See everything I’m doing to accumulate wealth faster and secure my financial future here: Put Money To Work

To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax

Disclaimer: Ever since you got your first coin and could decide what to do with it, you became your own money manager.  I am not your financial advisor, but you can learn from my example and do your own research.  Some posts may contain affiliate links, where at no cost to you, I may receive a small compensation.

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