PMTW Full Access Pass Keeps Growing

PMTW Full Access Pass Keeps Growing


PMTW Full Access Pass

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PMTW Full Access Pass Keeps Growing And Improving To Help Forex Signals Followers, Crypto Enthusiasts & Independent Forex Traders Reach Their Wealth Accumulation Goals.

At the beginning of 2022, I decided to put all my services under one roof… PMTW Full Access Pass. The goal was to help as many Forex signals followers, Crypto enthusiasts and independent traders achieve the dream of securing their financial futures.

But the plan was always to continue adding value to the service as time went on. And I’m glad to report I stuck to the plan.

PMTW Full Access Pass keeps growing and getting better with the addition of FSBO Single Target Signals, the addition of the Double Gann Strategy and the addition of a complete set of trade management cheat sheets and Presets for the Forex Trading Troll.

Let’s go over each of these additions in more detail…

FSBO Single Target Signals

PMTW Full Access Pass includes access to my Forex signals. The original Forex signals offering provides signals for the GBPJPY, GBPUSD, GBPAUD and EURJPY currency pairs using a Partial Profits trade management strategy.

I call this FSBP Partial Profits Signals.

If you are not aware, partial profits is where you take a portion of your position off the trade at some point, banking profit, and letting the rest of the position run to the completion of the trade.

I find this way of trading easier to handle emotionally compared to trying to use the whole position for the entirety of the trade.  

Since many people using Forex signals are more on the beginner side of the trade experience spectrum… I believe this is the best way to trade the signals for people just getting started on their Forex trading journey.

However, I wanted to provide signals that don’t take partial profits as well, since this way of trading has the potential to be more profitable over the long run.

Therefore, I added FSBO Single Target Signals.

Now Forex signals followers get access to BOTH FSBO Partial Profits Signals and FSBO Single Target Signals. They can decide which trading style is best for them… or do what I do, and trade BOTH.

Find out more here: Forex Signals Blast Off

Signals Available On Telegram

Both Crypto Signals and Forex Signals are delivered by email once a day.

  • Crypto Signals come out between 5 PM and 5:20 PM New York Time.
  • Forex Signals come out between 6 PM and 6:20 PM New York Time.

Inside the email, there are links to chart snapshots with instructions written directly on the charts. This way, signal followers can see exactly what is happening on my accounts and at which levels.


PMTW Full Access Pass

I’ve recently added to get the signals sent directly to Telegram as well. Every time something happens on my accounts, an automated message is sent to the corresponding Telegram Group.

I still prefer the Email + Snapshot method, but this is great as an early warning system.

The messages look like this…

FSBO Partial Profits image4


You can learn more about this here: PMTW Signals On Telegram

Double Gann Strategy

For independent traders, I have a section called Forex Trading Blast Off. This is where I teach the P.R.O.F.I.T. Protocol, which teaches my trading approach that leads to profitable trading.

Furthermore, there is a section called the Forex Trading Lab. This is where I share trading strategies members can learn to trade independently. This is a section I add to on occasion.

We have just added the Double Gann Strategy. This strategy was originally created to trade the BTCUSD and ETHUSD currency pairs. But I’ve provided modifications so it can be used for regular Forex pairs as well.

This strategy originally sold for $97.

So now, both Crypto traders and Forex traders can explore this strategy.

You can learn more about this here: Forex Trading Blast Off

Cheat Sheets & Presets

I personally use a trade management tool called The Forex Trading Troll to put some of my trade management activities on autopilot.

This tool is available in the PMTW Full Access Pass.

For signal followers, I previously provided Cheat Sheets and Presets they can use when trading both FSBO Partial Profits Signals and FSBO Single Target Signals.

Now, for Independent traders using one of the trading strategies provided, or their own strategy, I have provided Partial Profit and Single Target scenarios for a wide variety of Stop Loss levels and Take Profit levels.

The Forex Trading Troll is a great trade management tool that works with Metatrader4. I recommend using a Virtual Private Server with this tool.

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PMTW Full Access Pass
Has Something For Everyone

As you can see, PMTW Full Access Pass has something for Forex signals followers, Crypto enthusiasts and Independent traders. But I didn’t just stop providing more services and tools.

I want to make sure everyone that joins me on this journey to accumulate wealth faster, create multiple income streams and secure their financial future finds something inside PMTW Full Access Pass.

And there is more to come.

Find out everything included in PMTW Full Access Pass here:

PMTW Full Access Pass

PMTW Full Access Pass Blue

Put Money To Work To Build The Wealth You Need In The Time You Have

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Learn More About PMTW Full Access Pass

See everything I’m doing to accumulate wealth faster and secure my financial future here: Put Money To Work

To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax

Disclaimer: Ever since you got your first coin and could decide what to do with it, you became your own money manager. I am not your financial advisor, but you can learn from my example and do your own research. Some posts may contain affiliate links, where at no cost to you, I may receive a small compensation.

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