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Is There A Plot To Keep You Poor? (SPOILER: Yes)

Is There A Plot To Keep You Poor?

Plot To Keep You Poor

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Many people sit around the kitchen table trying to figure out how to make ends meet. It seems, no matter how hard we try, there is never enough money.

It almost feels like the game of life is rigged against us. And I would argue there IS a plot to keep you poor.

The plot to keep you poor is the reason you are not taught about money in school. The powers that be don’t want you to be financially literate… they just want to teach you enough to be an employee.

So, there might be some comfort in the knowledge that your financial situation is probably not entirely your fault.  (Buying coffee instead of making it at home is not the sole reason for your financial struggles, as some “personal finance gurus” like to say).  

But I think the bigger question is… Now that you know the deck is stacked against you, what are you going to do about it?

Let’s explore…

Why You Were Never Taught
About Money In School

The concept that the government is involved in keeping you poor might seem like a far fetched conspiracy theory. We all know there are plenty of those going around these days.

But watch this short video by Robert Kiyosaki:



Here are my takeaways:

  • The education system does not teach students about money ON PURPOSE. The system is designed to teach you how to get a job and be an employee.
  • With an employee mindset, you can only make enough to survive. This keeps the working poor powerless and easier to control.
  • It is very difficult to break out of this poverty mindset.

You see, rich people are not employees. They are employers. They provide jobs so they can profit off of other people’s work. And that is a pretty great deal for them.

So, they use their power and influence to create a world where there are going to be plenty of employees, so they can make more profits. And that means teaching people just enough to be useful employees where they are forced to exchange their time for money.

For those of us not taught about money, we only know that to get money we must work. We must be employees and work for someone else… and make money for our employer as a result.

I think the real problem is the income gap and the wealth gap has gotten so large… It is harder and harder to keep this plot under wraps.

If you were able to be an employee and have a decent life, you would be less likely to ponder why your financial situation is so bad. And this wouldn’t lead you to the conclusion that there are more powerful entities pulling strings for their benefit at your expense.

On a bright note, it does seem like there is a push to start teaching about money in schools: PRODUCING FINANCIALLY LITERATE KIDS A REQUIREMENT

And that might be great for the next generation. But what about you?

Don’t Let Them Keep You Poor

Employers figured out long ago there is more profit in leveraging the work of other people and profiting off their labors… than it is to simply work for a paycheck.

  • As an employee, you have one person contributing to your income (you)
  • As an employer, you have all your employees contributing to your profits

Which scenario is going to make you more money?

Look, I get it. I am not suggesting everyone become employers. That is just not realistic.

But there is something even better…

Put money to work to make more money.

Instead of leveraging the work of other people, put your money to work to generate wealth. This means investing.

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My point is, working harder and saving more is simply not working.  You are going to have to do something different if you want to secure your financial future.  And I believe putting money to work is the answer.

The good thing about the way I do things is it doesn’t take a lot of investment money to get started.  You can start small and build over time simply by getting started and being consistent.

Final Thoughts

Nobody likes to think they were lied to or manipulated. The fact you were probably not taught about money in school in a push to force you to be an employee is probably upsetting.

But the important thing to keep in mind is this… now that you know there was a plot to keep you poor, what are you going to do about it?

The best revenge I can think of is to defy their wishes and become financially secure in spite of the cards being stacked against you.

Prioritize putting your money to work with high profit potential. That is the only way to turn things around. And that is exactly what I’m doing.

What are you going to do?

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To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax

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