Is Kralow Trading Show A Joke?

Kralow Trading Show – Pretty Much Everything I Hate About The Trading Industry In One Short Video

Kralow Trading Show

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While watching some videos on YouTube the other day, an advertisement popped for the Kralow Trading Show… “the first trading reality show”.

The Kralow Trading Show is a multiple episode trading reality show on YouTube where “5 randomly selected participants” go to Dubai to learn how to trade from “the world’s best trading coach”, Thomas Kralow.

Check out the trailer…



This kind of thing is exactly what I hate about the trading industry, and I find it can be extremely detrimental for people who are looking for guidance on how to trade profitably.

But first…

My Disclaimer About The
Kralow Trading Show

OK, let’s get this out of the way right from the start.

I did not watch the episodes of the Kralow Trading Show. I only watched the trailer.

I did not take any of the courses offered by Thomas Kralow. I don’t know what’s being taught at all. The training could be great for all I know… or it could suck.

I don’t know Thomas Kralow, and I have no way of knowing if he is a serious trader really trying to help people become profitable traders. Maybe he really is the best training coach in the world… or maybe he simply gave himself that title.

But I don’t really care if Thomas can actually achieve what he claims. Maybe he can. What I have a problem with is how trading is presented in the trailer. And I think people that get into trading because of this kind of messaging are setting themselves up for failure.

What Does Skeet Shooting, Dune Buggies And Camels
Have To Do With Profitable Trading?

Short answer… NOTHING.

The video paints a picture of what it would be like to be a profitable trader. You know, trips to Dubai. Dune buggies flying through the air. And of course, long romantic camel rides through the desert with a bunch of attractive, happy people.

I mean, after 7 days of training, you should be pulling down enough money to make all this a reality, right? I’d put in my Lamborghini order immediately.

Come on.

And what is this “5 randomly selected participants” nonsense. Sure, it just so happens each one of the random contestants are young, fit and attractive. Right.

You see, this trailer is all about selling you the DREAM of being a profitable trader. But it doesn’t have any substance. It is an enticing fantasy… but not based in reality at all.

In marketing they like to say, “Sell the sizzle, not the steak”. But in this trailer, there is all sizzle and zero steak. But then again, maybe all the mind-bending trading wisdom is reserved for the episodes.

Again, I don’t know, because I didn’t watch them.

I am a profitable Forex trader. But then again, I have never been to Dubai, ridden in a gold plated Rolls Royce, had my kidneys dislodged in a dune buggy or been spit on by a Camel… So what do I know?

Am I Just Jealous Of The Karlow Trading Show

I’ll admit it… maybe I am a little jealous.

I mean, obviously Thomas Karlow has a lot of money already. Putting on a show like the Kralow Trading Show can’t be cheap, right? And he definitely is able to pull in more eyeballs to his trading courses than I can.

I’m still building my wealth systematically to achieve my financial security goals.  And frankly, if I had enough money to produce a show like this, I already would have more than enough wealth in the market to secure my financial future through my trading.

Plus, I truly want to help people profit from the Forex market. If I could get that many eyeballs to my website I would be able to help more people, which would be great.

But since my training does not include a bunch of attractive people frolicking through the desert and racing around in expensive sports cars… what I do looks absolutely boring.

I mean, I just produced +102.17% profits in 115 days in 2022 trading only a few minutes a day.


image2 5


And I did this without riding a camel.

From the Karlow Trading Show video, you would probably expect these kinds of returns every day after taking the Karlow course. After all, a gold plated Rolls Royce don’t come cheap.

What I am NOT jealous of is this fake trader lifestyle that is portrayed in the Kralow Trading Show. This get-rich-quick mentality is not going to be very helpful, especially in the beginning of your training.

As a matter of fact, entering your trading journey with this mentality probably guarantees your failure.

So, yea, I’d love to have enough money to attract as many eyeballs to my Put Money To Work Full Access Pass as Thomas can attract to his show.

The problem is, I prioritize using my money for TRADING, not making flashy videos to promote a fictitious, ridiculous trader lifestyle of flashy cars and private yachts.

Why The Get-Rich-Quick Mentality Is
Detrimental To Your Trading Success

If you get interested in trading because you want to become an overnight millionaire you are getting off on the wrong foot. If life changing profits in an extremely short time period is your EXPECTATION… you are going to be disappointed time and time again.

Look, I truly believe Forex trading and Crypto investing can help you accumulate wealth faster and beat other investment opportunities. But you need to keep your expectations in the realm of reality.

Most people do not have the initial funding they need to reach their trading profit goals in a short time. But with the power of compounding and systematic trading, you can reach your goals in a fraction of the time compared to other investment opportunities.

So, put those dreams of fast cars and expensive yachts on hold for a minute… and settle in for some serious trading that dramatically improves your financial future.

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Camel fly bites not included.

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