Is Bitcoin Trading Profitable?

Is Bitcoin Trading Profitable Enough To Make Up For Lost Time And Help You Secure Your Financial Future?

is bitcoin trading profitable

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The simple answer to the question, “Is Bitcoin trading profitable?” is… It certainly can be.

I look at Bitcoin trading the same way I look at all my trading activities. I strategically design a way of trading the Bitcoin market. And then I use the trading to accumulate wealth faster than other investment methods.

Right now, Bitcoin trading is the trading activity I do with the most profit potential. Just take a look…


Can Bitcoin Trading Make You Rich?


Most people are not planning for a secure financial future. By the time they realize how important it is to invest over the long term, it is usually too late to make a tremendous impact by the usual investment methods.  

(I’m not talking down to anyone here… this is exactly what happened to me).

So, the only way to make up for lost time is to outperform other investment opportunities. More profits, faster and the power of compound interest can help you accumulate a quantity of wealth in years… that would normally take decades to achieve.

Let’s explore how Bitcoin trading can be not only profitable… but life changing.


Why Trading Bitcoin Can Be More Profitable
Than Other Trading Activities

In order to answer the question, “Is Bitcoin trading profitable?”, we first need to understand what profitable trading is.

In its simplest form, profitable trading of any kind can be boiled down to this…


Buy Low & Sell High


Sell High & Buy Low


Obviously, there is more to profitable Bitcoin trading than that.

For me, profitable trading is about making more money on winning trades than you lose on losing trades. Yes, the number of winning trades compared to losing trades also matters. But you need to be making more money on winning trades for the highest possibility of success.

And that is the great thing about the Bitcoin market. When trading the BTCUSD currency pair (Bitcoin vs US dollar), there are some very large swings in the market. This means we can make a LOT of money on profitable trades.

Take a look at the last trade of 2020:





In this trade I actually make 14 TIMES the risk (due to a gap in the market that worked in my favor).

Just think about it.

  • If I risked just $100, I would have made $1,400.
  • If I risked $500, I would have made $7,000.

And that, my friends, is an excellent risk to reward ratio.

The ability to capture these HUGE wins from time to time is what makes Bitcoin trading so profitable.  And the frequency at which these types of moves occur is much higher trading the BTCUSD currency pair than other markets (in my experience).

Ultimately, the ability to catch these big moves and the frequency at which they occur is what makes Bitcoin trading so profitable.


What You Need To Make Bitcoin Trading Profitable

As you can see, Bitcoin trading can be very profitable. And it can be a lot easier to become a profitable Bitcoin trader than you think.

Let’s go over 3 things you need to become a profitable Bitcoin trader:

–>You’ll Need Start-Up Capital For Your Bitcoin Trading Enterprise

Obviously, if you want to make real money trading Bitcoin, you are going to need some startup capital to fund your Broker account.



RoboForex is the broker I use. I’ve found they provide the best trading conditions for the currency pairs I trade and the account funding options I want

  • 24/5 Forex Trading
  • 24/7 Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Can fund accounts in Bitcoin & Ethereum



However, don’t make this common mistake.

Too many people believe they can make a steady income with VERY LITTLE start up money. They want to start with $100 and make $1000 a month from month one. That is not how trading works… Bitcoin or otherwise.

I personally look at Bitcoin trading, and all my trading activities, as wealth accumulation. I want to accumulate wealth over the long term. I’m not looking to trade Bitcoin to make profits on a month to month basis I can live on.

This means you can start your Bitcoin trading with a small amount of startup capital, and grow your account over time. And with the huge profit potential of Bitcoin trading, you can grow your account rather quickly, compared to other markets.

–> You’ll Need A Strategically Designed Bitcoin Trading Strategy

Obviously, you need a trading strategy that catches these big moves in the market. You need clear indications of when to buy and sell and where to take your profits.

This does not mean you need to win every trade. But you do need to make more money on winning trades than you lose on losing trades.

In essence, you need a strategy that allows you to make more on winning trades than you lose on losing trades AND have a decent amount of winning trades. For example, if you risk $100, you need a trading strategy that allows you to make MORE than $100 on winning trades.

That is the key to trading success, and Bitcoin trading is no different.

Results will vary from one month to the next. But you need a strategy that allows you to be profitable over the long term.

–> You’ll Need The Ability To Trade The Strategy Properly

A lot of people think trading Bitcoin means sitting in front of the computer all day battling the charts. Yes, that could be true if you are trying to day trade. But day trading is not the only way to trade Bitcoin.

I personally trade Bitcoin off the Daily charts. That means I look at the charts ONCE a day looking for trading opportunities. The entire time necessary to trade Bitcoin profitably is MINUTES.

So, trading Bitcoin does not need to consume your life. And if you have a simple trading strategy (like the one I use), it does not need to be hard or complex either.

You could try to create a profitable Bitcoin trading strategy, or you could take a shortcut and just do what I do.

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Is Bitcoin Trading Profitable? 
It Is If You Trade Bitcoin Like I Do

Learning to trade Bitcoin profitable on your own can be challenging. (Don’t get me wrong, I have taught a lot of people how to trade profitably).  

But if you don’t have any experience as a trader, the fastest way to profitability is just doing what an already profitable trader is doing.

I teach everything you need to know to trade Bitcoin profitably AND send trading signals straight to your Inbox once a trading day.

If you have an Email address and a few minutes around 5 PM New York time, you can trade Bitcoin and experience the huge profit potential for yourself.

  • You don’t need to know anything about Bitcoin
  • You don’t need to be a professional trader
  • And you don’t even need to buy any Bitcoin

Just follow some simple instructions.

I think I’ve answered the question, “Is Bitcoin trading profitable?” It certainly can be, if you know how to catch the big moves the Bitcoin market provides.

You also know what you need and the shortest path to Bitcoin profits.

If you are like me and got a late start investing, you need to make up for lost time. You need a way to create the wealth you need in the time you have.

Profitable Bitcoin trading has the potential to do in years what would normally take decades.  That is, of course, if you don’t remain on the sidelines.


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