How To Build Online Business With More Visitors, Conversions & Sales For An Ever Growing Lifelong Income

How To Build Online Business

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How to build online business once you have your website up and running? That is what we are going to dive into on this page. Think of this as your blueprint for building your online business and making more money.

I want to be clear. A profitable online business requires more than setting up your website once… and then collecting profits forever. Like any BUSINESS, you need to run it.

And more importantly, you need to BUILD your online business.

Think of this…

If you can make $1 from your online business, you can make $10. Increase your earnings to $10, and you can scale them up to $100. And if you can make $100, you can make $1000.

It is a matter of scale.

The good news is, there are lots of things you can do to scale your business up and make more money. Unfortunately, the bad news is, there might be too many things you can do.

Sounds weird, but true. There is so much available to do to build online business, you might become overwhelmed by trying so many things… you never gain any momentum.

Here at Lifelong Financial Security, our motto is:

Take Immediate, Relentless Action
Focus Only On What Works
Succeed Where Others Fail

This is the time for focus.

So, we’ve reduced how to build online business down to just 3 areas. Focus on these areas and you’ll gain momentum for your online business, make more money and succeed where others fail.

This page is detailed, so I suggest reading the page all the way through once, and then use the Table Of Contents to revisit specific sections later.


How To Build Online Business Faster

I’m a big advocate of shortening the learning curve and avoiding mistakes. Obviously, you want your online business to succeed as fast as possible. And that means building your business without making time consuming, costly mistakes.

I learned this lesson the hard way. I foolishly spent a lot of money on things that never worked. And I wasted a lot of time learning and performing tactics that never amounted to much.


There are only 3 things you need to focus on to build your online business:
More eyeballs, more engagement and more money

      • Only do things that get more eyeballs on your content, affiliate links and products. Focus on getting more web traffic.
      • Get more people to engage with your content by becoming subscribers and customers. Focus on conversions from visitor to subscriber and customer.
      • And get those subscribers to spend money with you the first time, and your customers to spend MORE money with you. Focus on sales and a sales funnel.

If you are thinking of doing anything that doesn’t achieve one of these goals… don’t.

Here’s the challenge…

The things that work take some effort. And you’re definitely going to feel they don’t work fast enough.

Then someone comes along with a “solution” that claims to get the results you seek immediately, and with little to no effort. So, you join their service or buy their product. And by the time you figure out it doesn’t deliver on those promises… you’ve already wasted valuable time and money.

If you would have just stayed the course… you would have been that much closer to your goals (and with more money in your pocket).

Usually, the very things that claim fast, easy results are what deviate you from the path of success. Unfortunately, they are hard to resist.

But resist them you must… because the fastest way to build online business is to FOCUS only on what works.


Build Online Business With More Web Traffic

Web traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. And there are a lot of things out there claiming to be able to get more traffic to your website.

But your goal should not be simply more traffic. What you need to build your online business is TARGETED traffic.

Here are 3 things to focus on that helps you get more targeted traffic and build your online business:


»The Right Niche

Spending the time to properly research your niche market is essential for online business success.

You need to make sure, from the beginning, there are people interested in the topic of your website. After all, how are you going to get more traffic, if there aren’t people looking for information on your topic of choice?

This process will also help you come up with a list of keywords you can compete for to bring in targeted traffic. This means more eyeballs seeing what you have to offer… that actually WANT what you have to offer.


»A Fast Website

Setting up your website correctly so it is fast will not only help you get more web traffic… but will keep more visitors on your site longer.

Here’s how:

      • Search engines like fast websites, which means higher rankings. This means more search generated traffic.
      • Visitors like fast websites because they provide a better user experience. This means more people stay on your site and consume more content.


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A fast website might not seem like it directly brings in more web traffic, but it does help.


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»Keyword Focused Content

Once you have the right niche and your online business set up properly… this is the big area you should focus on. You MUST create high-quality, keyword focused content.

Keyword focused content defines your site for your visitors AND helps the search engines rank your content. Focusing on keyword rich content related to your niche not only brings in more traffic… but more of the right traffic.

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Want more traffic? Create more keyword targeted content.

Let’s move on…


Build Online Business With Higher Conversions

After you bring in targeted traffic by choosing the right niche, setting up your website correctly and producing high-quality, keyword-focused content… you need to get your visitors to DO something.

When your visitors do something (sign up to a list, click an affiliate link, purchase something, etc.), that is a conversion. And one of the best ways to build online business, without even having to increase traffic, is to increase your conversion rate.

For example…

Suppose the conversion rate for signing up to your list is 10%. That means 10 people sign up for every 100 visitors. Increase your conversion rate to 20%, and you just doubled your signups.

If visitors click your affiliate links at a rate of 20%, increasing that rate to 30% means you’ll potentially have a lot more commissions coming your way.

And if you have a sales conversion rate of 1% (1 sale per 100 visitors), increasing it to 2% means DOUBLE your sales with the same amount of traffic.

As we talked about before, getting more traffic is necessary to build your online business. But getting the traffic you have to convert BETTER is just as powerful.

Here are 3 things you want to focus on once visitors reach your site to build online business:


»Build Online Business With More Subscribers

You need to have a subscriber list for your online business. It is essential. Period.

So, how do you get your visitors to sign up to your list?

Give them an incentive. And even though this incentive is “free” (it only costs and email address), it needs to be valuable to your visitor.

Once you have the subscriber on your list, build a relationship and trust by continuing to provide high-quality content. And never abuse your list by endlessly blasting them with high pressure offers.

Make the incentive more valuable to the needs and wants of your niche… and get more signups. Continue to be helpful… and they will continue to open your emails, visit your site and potentially do something that leads to money in your pocket.

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»Build Online Business With More Affiliate Commissions

Your goal should always be to help people. Truly help people. And sometimes that means making a recommendation to a product or service that pays you a small commission for the referral.

Here are some things you can do to increase the rate at which people accept your recommendations…

      • Only recommend best-in-class solutions
      • Have first hand experience with what you are recommending
      • Provide information that helps your visitor make an informed decision
      • And create content that helps people get the most out of the product or service

Don’t recommend products and services because you want to get a commission. EARN your commission by finding the best solutions, matching people with what they really want and need and helping people truly succeed with their purchase.

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»Build Online Business With More Sales

Obviously, the more sales the better. Here are some ways to increase your sales conversion rate…

      • Make sure your products deliver a solution, satisfy a need or fulfill a desire
      • Convey what your product can help them do… honestly
      • Provide detailed information so they can make an INFORMED decision
      • Price your product or service to ensure excellent value
      • And automate the sales and delivery process

You’ve worked hard to get people to your online business and create products they want and need. Make sure your sales copy closes the deal with honesty and integrity and the sales process is as simple as possible.

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Build Online Business With Repeat Sales
And Higher Priced Sales

Let’s say you are selling water in the desert to thirsty people. Do you know how you can build your business? Sell your customers a second glass of water.

You should apply the same strategy to build your online business. Sell people a high quality product. Then grow your online business by selling them a second high quality product.

Why only sell one product, when you can sell 2,3,4, etc.?

And since we are creating more products, why not create some higher priced products as well?

Here is the reason creating multiple products and higher priced products is a good idea…

Happy customers convert at a higher rate than new customers.

Just think about it…

A new customer has to “take a chance” on you, your product or your service. But once you prove to them you deliver… they are much more inclined to buy from you again.

And if your customer starts out with a lower priced product, they will be more open to spending more money for higher cost products you create in the future.

So, in order to build your online business, think in terms of a “product line”. Start off with lower priced products. Then either bundle those lower cost items together or create higher cost products to offer your previous customers and new visitors.


How To Build Online Business With Synergy

I talk a lot about synergy. Some of you might be saying, “Here he goes with synergy again”. But synergy is really important when you want to build an online business.

Synergy is when the combined effect is more than the sum of the effects of the individual parts.

      • Getting more traffic is great.
      • More signups? Fantastic.
      • Increasing clicks to high quality affiliate products… excellent.
      • More sales… now we are talking.
      • Higher priced sales… even better.

Once you start making money from your website, any one of these activities can build your online business. Improve in any of these areas and you can make more money.

But imagine how all these activities can work together to create EXPONENTIAL growth.

      • By focusing on the right topic and high quality keyword content… you get more traffic.
      • More traffic and a great incentive leads to more subscribers.
      • A larger number of subscribers opening your mails builds a trusting following.
      • This following takes action on your affiliate recommendations and buys more of your products.
      • And since you overdeliver, your customers are happy to spend more money on what you offer in the future, even at a higher cost.

Do you now understand how to build online business? The key is to focus on each of these areas (more traffic, higher conversions, more sales at higher prices) if you want to build your online business to reach your true earning potential.

What to do next?

Go back and read this page again. But this time, explore the “Resource” boxes to check out the resources I use to build my online business.


To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax

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Take Immediate, Relentless Action

“Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action.”

–Napoleon Hill

Focus Only On What Works

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”

–Zig Ziglar

Succeed Where Others Fail

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”

-Jim Rohn


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