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How Do Your Retirement Saving Habits Compare With Others

retirement saving habits

What are your retirement saving habits?

If you think about retirement savings at all, and you should, you might be wondering where you stand compared to other people.  

Here are some quick stats from a survey called Financial Fails:

  • 20% spend more than they make each month
  • Less than one third put money every month into retirement accounts
  • 30% don’t know what they make or spend
  • 25% don’t have a savings account
  • 28% don’t have a basic investment account

How are you comparing so far?

Read the source article at USA Today

Here is something I found interesting. The survey showed 78% of people worried about their financial situation. But by looking at the other numbers, it seems not a lot of people are doing much about it.

  • Worrying about your financial situation will accomplish nothing.
  • Making a financial plan and sticking to it will.

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So, maybe you were thinking you were worse off than others with your retirement savings and other financial habits. And maybe it pleases you to know you are not so different from others.

Do yourself a favor, and don’t find comfort in the fact you are worrying about your financial future but not doing anything about it like most other people. Stand out from the crowd and actually do something about securing your financial future.

Even if you decide you need to start investing for the future, you are probably getting a late start.  Not saving enough translates to not investing enough for me.  This means you need to make up for lost time.

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The statistics are not good.  And the odds are, you are on the wrong side of the numbers.  And if you don’t do something ELSE or something DIFFERENT, your financial situation is only going to get worse.

Even when I just got started putting into action the plan I outline in the Wealth Plan Blast Off I started feeling better.  At the very least I was doing something.

As I progress through the plan and take more steps, I feel better and better.  I can only imagine how good I will feel when I reach my goals.  But that really is the point… to reach the goal of having lifelong financial security.

To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax

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