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Spoiler Alert: I love GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting.

Of course I do. After all, GreenGeeks is the WordPress Hosting I am using for my online businesses. And I wouldn’t be using this Web Hosting company if I didn’t think it was great.

And I definitely wouldn’t be recommending GreenGeeks if I didn’t think you would have a great experience hosting your WordPress site with them as well.

So, now that we got that out of the way… why would you continue to read this GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting review?

Unlike other Web Hosting Reviews you might see around the web, this review is strictly going to be about MY real-world experiences with GreenGeeks. No techie talk. And no rankings with 10 other WordPress hosting companies saying they are all great.

I feel by sharing my honest experience with GreenGeeks you’ll be able to understand why I chose this WordPress hosting company over all others. In this way, I hope my experiences help you make an informed decision.

After all, that really is the point of a review, right?

This page is detailed, so I’ve provided a Table Of Contents so you can find what you are looking for easier. But I do recommend reading this page all the way through.


Are There Really Big Differences

In WordPress Hosting?

There are a lot of web hosting options out there. But it might surprise you to know that ONE company owns 84 web hosting companies.  

So, are there really big differences between hosting companies if they are run by the same company?

Well look, there are differences between hosting companies. But there are not that many differences to get bogged down on making a decision. Most hosting companies work perfectly fine, especially when you are just getting started.

Since there are more similarities between hosting companies than differences, they tend to focus on technical features.

      • 99.99% Uptime (compared to 99.98%)
      • 405 millisecond page load (compared to 382 milliseconds)

But these are not really big enough distinctions to identify a clear winner. And frankly, when I was getting started I didn’t understand enough of the jargon to have a winner jump out at me.

I got my first website hosting in 2007. Trying to figure out which hosting company was “best” turned out to be confusing.  And I was worried I would make a mistake.

So I applied a scientific method to picking my hosting company… I picked a big name web hosting company that appeared in my searches the most.

This is still a big name Web Hosting company. And it did work fine. But I recently decided to make a switch to GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting (and I’m very happy with my choice).


Why I Switched To GreenGeeks
WordPress Hosting

Like I stated earlier, I got my first hosting plan way back in 2007. And I have been making 100% of my income online ever since. Obviously, the hosting worked, or making enough money to live would not have been possible.

So, why did I decide to switch hosting companies?

It really came down to 3 things:

  • Firstly, surfing the web I “felt” my websites were slower than other sites
  • Secondly, I kept getting a PHP error stating I needed a newer version, and after contacting the hosting company, it was never fixed
  • And thirdly, I kept having to mess around with Cron Jobs when sending emails with Sendy

Now, I don’t expect some of these things to mean anything to you. But let’s just say, I thought I could do better.

And I was right.

I can honestly say, GreenGeeks is better.

My sites are much faster now. No more PHP error messages. And Sendy works perfectly without having to mess with Cron jobs every time I send out an email.

So, even though there are not glaring differences between one hosting company and another… there are differences. Switching to GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting has made working online easier because everything works properly… and has improved the experience for my site visitors.

And those are great reasons to choose GreenGeeks.


GreenGeeks EcoSite Pro Web Hosting

Lightning Fast, Secure and Eco-Friendly Web Hosting for WordPress


Now that I have much more experience with web hosting, I feel I am much better prepared to know what to look for.


What I Look For In WordPress Hosting

When researching WordPress Hosting to switch to, I kept running into the usual suspects… including the web hosting company I wanted to leave. But one web hosting company started to catch my eye.

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting.

While researching web hosting reviews and reading their site, I kept seeing things that checked all the boxes of what I was looking for. And there was even something that I had never considered to look for.

When I started searching for a new hosting service, this is what I was looking for:

  • Web Hosting Optimized For WordPress
  • Blazing Fast Speed
  • Enhanced Security
  • Affordable Prices

And something I never even considered before…

  • Eco-Friendly

Let’s go over these web hosting requirements in a little more detail…


greengeekswebhostingHosting Optimized For WordPress

Again, everything on this website is about what I am actually doing to make money online and the tools I use. And my online business plan is anchored in getting your own hosting and using WordPress.

So, finding a hosting provider that focuses on optimizing their hosting specifically for WordPress was an obvious fit. The servers, features and tools offered by GreenGeeks ensures the best WordPress hosting experience.


GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Review

GreenGeeks being optimized for WordPress also helps make my websites faster.


Blazing Fast Speed

I don’t want to work on a website that is slow. And my visitors don’t want to stay on my website if it takes forever for each page to load. So, having a fast website is very important for both me and my visitors.

Website load speed can also help your pages and posts get ranked better by Google… so having a fast website is a must.


GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Review

GreenGeeks is built for speed. There was a VISIBLE increase in speed when I switched from my old hosting company to GreenGeeks. I don’t need some fancy tool to measure the load time in milliseconds… I can see the speed increase with my own eyes.

greengeekswebhostingEnhanced Security

You want your website to be safe. After all, you’re going to put a lot of effort into creating the best website for both the search engines and your visitors. So, you don’t want anything to jeopardize all your hard work.


GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Review


Security is paramount at GreenGeeks. Through a combination of automated and manual actions, the GreenGeeks team monitors for malware and other threats. And if something ever does happen… they’ll help you clean your website and get it back to working perfectly.

They even have a Free Nightly Backup of your websites… which is great for peace of mind.

greengeekswebhostingAffordable WordPress Hosting

Web hosting does not have to be costly. But you do want to get the best VALUE for the money you spend on hosting.

Switching to GreenGeeks saved me a lot of money.

First of all, when you sign up for the first time to GreenGeeks, there are some nice discounts you can take advantage of. (I ended up paying around a third of what I was paying at my old hosting).

Secondly, even when I pay the full price for the next year of hosting… it is still going to be about $75 less than I was paying before.

Basically, I’m getting a way better service for less money.

So, for these reasons I decided GreenGeeks was my new home. But GreenGeeks has something I never even considered looking for before…

greengeekswebhostingGreenGeeks Is Eco-Friendly

OK, I’ll admit it. I didn’t even think about how web hosting could negatively impact the environment.

The truth is, the Internet industry consumes a huge amount of energy. And where there is energy use, there is pollution.

Instead of being part of the problem, GreenGeeks is dedicated to being part of the solution. Not only is their hosting platform built to be as economical as possible… but GreenGeeks purchases carbon credits to offset their energy use by 300%.


GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Review


Protecting the planet may or may not be your thing… but it makes me feel better.

GreenGeeks checked all the boxes for what I was looking for in a WordPress hosting company… and even something I never even knew to look for.


Which GreenGeeks WordPress

Hosting Plan Did I Choose?

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting ReviewSince I run more than one online business, I choose the GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Pro package. That is a perfect fit for my needs.

They have a Lite plan, which is good for only 1 website. Even if you only have one website in mind, I would still opt for the Pro plan. You get 2x Performance and can add websites in the future if you need to.

The Premium package is for web stores or sites with extremely high traffic.

While I would love to have a site that warrants this type of upgrade, that is just not where my online businesses are at the moment.

I’m not Amazon after all.

The good news is, I can always upgrade down the road if necessary.

However, I think the Pro plan is perfect for most online businesses. So, that is what I chose for myself and recommend to others.



GreenGeeks EcoSite Pro Web Hosting

Lightning Fast, Secure and Eco-Friendly Web Hosting for WordPress


My Experience With

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting

As I stated above, I wanted to switch hosting companies and decided on GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting.


GreenGeeks WordPress Hospting Review


So, how did the switch to the new web hosting company go?

Since I wanted to move some of my web properties over to GreenGeeks, I contacted them through chat first. The prospect of moving my money making websites made me nervous.

The attention was excellent and they answered all my questions. This gave me the confidence to make the move.

Basically, all I had to do is sign up and ask for a site migration. They will do this for you for free. So, I didn’t even have to do any of the technical stuff… which is great.

I put in my site migration requisition and gave them the info they asked for.

Unfortunately, I had so much junk and old websites at my old hosting that my cPanel was too big. Since I only wanted 2 websites moved, they said they could do that manually.

One website migration was free. The second one I had to pay an extra $15, which I thought was more than reasonable. (Keep in mind, if your cPanel is not overloaded like mine was, they will migrate the whole thing over for no charge).

They were very fast and contacted me with the nameserver info. I changed the nameservers where I bought my domain names previously, and my websites were switched over shortly thereafter.

I immediately noticed a tremendous speed difference in my websites, which made me very happy. Plus, the back office to control my websites was much more user friendly than my previous hosting company.

Keep in mind, if you are starting a new website, you can do everything at GreenGeeks. You even get a free domain name with your hosting plan.

Using my experience as a guide, I am confident you will get the same great service I did.

I am much happier with GreenGeeks compared to my old hosting company.


Important Information Directly From GreenGeeks

I hope my experience with GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting helps you reach an informed  decision about your web hosting needs.

My experience with GreenGeeks has been excellent and I am 100% satisfied. I’m not even going to try to find some small point to criticize them on to appear unbiased (like other reviews do).

I told you in the beginning… I love GreenGeeks.

If you are still undecided, and want some more information, I suggest you get it directly from their website.

Here are some pages you might want to take a look at:

In closing, choosing a good web hosting company is an important decision. But don’t get bogged down with the tiny details that don’t really mean that much in the long run.

GreenGeeks is optimized for WordPress, super fast, secure AND eco-friendly. And that is good enough for me.

There is a reason you won’t see other “web hosting reviews” or “top 10 web hosting comparisons” on this site. I am 100% elated with GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting, so why talk about other web hosting companies I don’t have personal experience with?

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting is what I personally use… and that is the best testimonial I can think of.

GreenGeeks EcoSite Pro Web Hosting

Lightning Fast, Secure and Eco-Friendly Web Hosting for WordPress


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