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Gold Trading Blast off


From Edward Lomax,

Let’s get right to it.


What is Gold Trading Blast Off all about?

If you’ve been around this site, you know my goal is to accumulate wealth faster, create multiple income streams and secure my financial future. And one of the main things I do to achieve financial security is Forex trading.

And I’m not going to lie, Forex is still my top way to create the wealth I need in the time I have. But that does not mean trading other markets cannot contribute to my wealth accumulation.

As a matter of fact, trading multiple accounts within my risk tolerance level is a tactic I use to increase my earning potential to any level I want.

And trading gold is a great market which allows me to beat other investment opportunities, which is a prerequisite to my participation. (Plus, my happy Forex customers asked for more).

I’ve provided a Table Of Contents so you can find what you are looking for easier, but I recommend reading this page in its entirety and then using the Table Of Contents to revisit specific sections.


What Is Spot Gold Trading?

There are many ways to participate in the Gold market with the desire to increase your investment:

      • Gold bullion
      • Gold certificates
      • Gold futures
      • Gold CFD’s
      • Gold ETF’s

We are going to focus on Spot Gold Trading.

Spot gold trading is basically buying or selling gold at live prices. Using an online platform, we place trades with buyers and sellers directly. 

As a spot gold trader, we can buy or sell fractional amounts of gold. This makes spot gold trading affordable for small investors. 

Think of trading gold as you would trading a currency in the Forex market.

This time however, we are trading Gold against the US Dollar. The symbol on our trading platform is XAUUSD. When you see the price on your trading platform, you are basically seeing the price of one ounce of gold in US dollars.


Where To Trade Spot Gold?

In order to trade Gold at live gold prices, you’ll need a broker account. This allows you to participate in the live markets with real money.  

Fortunately, the same brokers and trading platform I use to trade Forex also allows XAUUSD trading. This is great because I don’t need anything special and can use the same trading platform I am accustomed to using (Metatrader4).

Furthermore, I can apply everything I’ve learned from trading Forex to the gold market… with the added benefit of diversifying my trading. It is just one more way I accumulate wealth faster than other investment opportunities.


Why I Trade Gold

There are many markets out there for you to trade. And most people think of the stock market when talking about trading. 

If you know anything about me, you know I like to trade the currency market. But I also think it is a good idea to diversify your trading… and the Gold market is a great place to increase your profit potential.

My goal with trading any market is to accumulate wealth faster, create multiple income streams and secure my financial future.

I also want my trading activities to fit with my overall trading philosophy. This is what has made me a successful trader, and I wouldn’t even consider abandoning the core principles responsible for my success.

      • Strategically planned strategy
      • Trade off the daily charts
      • Simple Forex rules-based strategy
      • Only spend 1 minute a day trading
      • Focus on RISK to REWARD
      • Adopt a long term mindset

Let’s focus on the risk to reward part for a second…

In order to get into trades where I can make exponentially more on winning trades than I lose on losing trades… I need a market with nice moves. I need a market that over the years, has some nice trends that continue for decent, uninterrupted swings.

Gold is such a market

When I place a trade, I place a stop loss and take profit target.

In order to be profitable over the long term, I need a stop loss value that keeps me from getting prematurely stopped out. But this value must also need to be tight enough that I can capture moves from 3 TIMES up to 5 TIMES the stop loss distance.

Not all markets provide this opportunity. The XAUUSD does. And I’m not one to let an opportunity to accumulate wealth pass me by.


Is Gold Trading Worth It?

In my opinion, investing is essential for me to meet my financial goals. Unfortunately, I got a late start and therefore needed a way to accumulate wealth faster. This means I have to beat the returns of other investment methods.

I’ve already shown trading the Forex market can definitely beat the S&P 500 (the most common benchmark among investors).  But can I trade Gold and beat the S&P 500 as well?

Let’s take a look…

Here is how my gold strategy performed compared to the S&P 500 assuming a $5,000 investment in each since the year 2013:


Gold 3R and S&P 500




Gold 5R and S&P 500


As you can see, by trading Gold 1 minute a day (@ 6 PM New York Time), I can about DOUBLE the returns of the S&P 500.

Potential to accumulate wealth faster… checkTwice as fast.

So, how did I get these results?


Gold Trading Blast Off

Gold Trading Blast Off teaches you the strategy I use to trade the Gold market in 1 minute a day.

And just so you know… my GTBO strategy is completely different from my FTBO strategy. Yes, the same overall trading philosophy that has made me (and my clients) successful… but different indicators and rules.

But don’t worry, it is simple to learn and simple to trade.

And just like my Forex trading, you’ll only need 1 minute a day 4 days a week to trade Gold (XAUUSD) with extraordinary profit potential.

Now, I wouldn’t even consider diversifying my trading unless I can beat other investment opportunities. And Gold trading definitely meets this standard.

It should be clear by now, trading the way I do is highly profitable. It is not a fluke. I can accumulate wealth faster in the Forex market, and I can do the same trading gold.

Here is what you get…


Gold Trading Blast Off

The Gold Trading Strategy:

1. Gold Trading Strategy Folder – access indicators, template & scripts pdf 232x300 1
2. Setting Up Your Charts – read pdf 232x300 1
i. Setting Up Your Charts Video – watch video mp4 234x300 1
3. How To Modify The Fibonacci Tool For Our Purposes – read pdf 232x300 1
i. Modify Fibonacci Tool Video – watch video mp4 234x300 1
4. The Gold Trading Strategy Rules – read pdf 232x300 1
i. Strategy Rules Video – watch video mp4 234x300 1
5. Placing Trades Using The Scripts Provided – read pdf 232x300 1
i. Placing Trades With Scripts Video – watch video mp4 234x300 1
6. How To Gain Confidence In The Strategy BEFORE You Start Trading – read pdf 232x300 1
7. Trading Strategy Cheat Sheet – print pdf 232x300 1


So, if you have an extra minute each trading day… you can participate in the gold market for extraordinary profits as well.  (Trading time is @ 6:00 to 6:20 PM New York time – depending on the spread at your broker).


GTBO Is Only Available As An Add-On

Gold Trading Blast Off is only available as an add-on for my Forex Trading Blast Off 2.0.

Why don’t I sell my Gold trading strategy separately?

You see, I truly believe it takes more than just a great strategy to profit as a trader over the long term. Your overall approach to trading and philosophy are just as important (I would argue more important).

Therefore, since the same training I use for Forex Trading Blast Off 2.0 is applicable here, I want to make sure you fully understand it. And let’s be honest, Forex trading can be even more profitable… so you’ll probably want to start there.

But in order to diversify your trading and add more income streams to your wealth accumulation efforts… Gold trading is a great option. So, that is why I make it available as an add-on.


Forex Trading Blast Off 2.0

Forex Blast Off 2.0

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Accumulate Wealth Faster, Create Multiple Income Streams & Secure Your Financial Future In 1 Minute A Day

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Gold Trading Blast Off is not sold separately, unless I decide to make it available sometime in the future. So, check out all the information on the FTBO 2.0 page, and decide if you want to add Gold trading to your wealth accumulation efforts.


To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax

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