How To Get Into Cryptocurrency Like A Pro

How To Get Into Cryptocurrency Like A Seasoned Pro And Tap Into Extraordinary Profits As Simply As Possible Without Fear, Doubt And Confusion

how to get into cryptocurrency

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If you want to get into Cryptocurrency, you might think it is very hard and going to take a long time to wrap your head around what is going on. You might even be afraid of making a costly mistake or doubting how to get started the right way.

Don’t worry, it is not that hard to get into Cryptocurrency, and after reading this blog post you’ll have some options you can take action on.

As with anything new, it is normal to be hesitant at the start. But the truth is, there are so many opportunities to make money with Cryptocurrency that it should not be ignored.

If you are like me, and got a late start investing for a secure financial future, Cryptocurrency has the potential to help you make up for lost time. This is why the Cryptocurrency market is a major part of my plan to accumulate wealth faster than other investment opportunities.


Why Get Into Cryptocurrency In The First Place

Some of you might be thinking, “Why get into Cryptocurrency in the first place?” I mean, we’ve all survived without digital currency up to this point.  Why learn about something new and go through the trouble of getting involved?

Here is the simple answer… New markets provide excellent growth opportunities.

This means there are excellent profits to be made.

Imagine getting in at the ground level of Apple or Microsoft. Back then, lots of people thought about these companies exactly the same way as you do about Cryptocurrency. And I bet they are kicking themselves now.

Same thing with Internet opportunities like Google, Amazon or Netflix. These are household names now… but back when they got started they were also new and confusing.

So, if you are looking to make money by either investing or trading, the relatively new Cryptocurrency market is a great place to start due to the excellent profit potential.


Get Into Cryptocurrency
By Getting A Crypto Wallet

Cryptocurrency is digital. There is no physical currency like paper money or gold coins. So, in order to store Cryptocurrency, you need a Crypto Wallet.

I’m not going to go into the technical aspects of a Cryptocurrency wallet here. But suffice it to say, if you want to get into Cryptocurrency… you need a Crypto Wallet.

And if you are going to get a Crypto Wallet to store your Cryptocurrency, you want it to be safe.  This is my recommendation and what I use…



There are free Crypto Wallets. So you might be thinking this is the way to go. I mean, if you are just starting out, why pay for a Crypto Wallet if you don’t have to?

I recommend getting a Trezor because it is the safest option to store your Cryptocurrency. But spending a little money for a safe wallet also shows you are serious about getting into Cryptocurrency.

Too often, people want to give something a “try” with a free option, and then quickly lose interest all together. This is not something you want to do with Cryptocurrency.

If you’ve rightly identified Cryptocurrency as an excellent opportunity, the last thing you want to do is prematurely abandon it. More than likely, you’ll come back to it at some point only to kick yourself for all the profits you’ve missed.

So, show you’re serious about this and get a safe Crypto Wallet.


Get Into Cryptocurrency By Buying Some Bitcoin

Now that you got your Cryptocurrency wallet, it is time to get some Cryptocurrency. And I suggest you start with the Cryptocurrency that started it all… Bitcoin.

The easiest way to get Bitcoin is just to buy it. And the best way to buy some Bitcoin is from right inside your Trezor. When you are inside your Trezor Wallet, there is a Buy feature.  

Just put in how much you want to buy with a credit card, and you will be given offers.

Depending on your location, you’ll get offers from different Currency Exchanges. (Keep in mind, the first time you purchase through an exchange you’ll probably have to set up and account and provide some documents to prove your identity).

The great thing about buying Bitcoin from inside your Trezor, is the Bitcoin is delivered directly to your Trezor account. So, everything happens right from inside your Trezor Wallet and the Bitcoin you purchase is safely deposited directly to your Trezor Wallet.

Here is some more information on getting Bitcoin:

>> How To Get Bitcoin Like A Pro The Very First Time Using Detailed, Simple Instructions Even A Complete Beginner Can Follow


Get Into Cryptocurrency By Investing In Bitcoin

There are literally thousands of Cryptocurrencies. And the tendency is to try to find a brand new Cryptocurrency that is going to be “the next big thing”. That way, you can buy a lot of it cheap, and make huge, astronomical gains.

This would be like picking a cheap stock that dramatically increases in price over a short period of time.

The problem is… how are you going to find this diamond in the rough? And the truth is, a lot of these new Cryptocurrencies just don’t make it. The last thing you want to do is invest in a Crypto that disappears in a few months.

Now look, I’m no financial advisor so I cannot tell you what to do with your money. Any decision you make is entirely up to you. But I would get started with a well known Cryptocurrency that has stood the test of time.

That means investing in Bitcoin.

I’ve done a lot of writing about investing in Bitcoin. You can check it out here:

>> How To Invest In Bitcoin With Shocking Ease To Maximize The High Profit Potential Of The Cryptocurrency Market In Only Minutes A Day

You can always branch out to other Cryptocurrencies from there. I tend to stick to Cryptocurrency that can be stored inside your Trezor.  

They don’t go through the trouble of adding every Crypto offer out there… so the digital coins you can store have proven themselves enough to be included.


Get Into Cryptocurrency By Trading
Bitcoin And Ethereum For Profits

Another way to get into Cryptocurrency is to trade Crypto on the Forex market. This is an interesting and potentially highly profitable activity that doesn’t even require buying any Crypto or getting a wallet.

I personally trade the BTCUSD (Bitcoin vs US dollar) and ETHUSD (Ethereum vs US dollar) currency pairs. And the profit potential is extraordinary.

Crypto Profits Blast Off

Crypto Profits Blast Off

Simple Instructions To Invest & Trade Crypto For Profit 

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I want to help people tap into the wealth accumulation power of trading the Cryptocurrency market. Therefore, I figured the fastest and easiest way to help others was to provide Crypto Signals.


RoboForex is the broker I use. I’ve found they provide the best trading conditions for the currency pairs I trade and the account funding options I want

  • 24/5 Forex Trading
  • 24/7 Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Can fund accounts in Bitcoin & Ethereum


Basically, I share my exact trades with my subscribers so they can get the same results I do. It is very simple, and only takes 1 minute a day.

This is one of the best opportunities around to get involved in Cryptocurrency… without having to actually buy and hold any Cryptocurrency.

I’ve done a lot of writing about trading Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can check it out here:


OK, let’s wrap this up.



If you want to get into Cryptocurrency, it is not all that hard.

  • You can get a Crypto wallet and buy some Crypto (like Bitcoin)
  • You can invest in Cryptocurrency on a schedule
  • And you can start trading Cryptocurrency (The easiest way is with my help)

But what I don’t suggest you do is remain sitting on the sidelines. There is just way too much profit potential for that.

And the truth is, the best way to get into Cryptocurrency is to both get some Crypto and store it in your wallet AND trade the Crypto market.

I use Cryptocurrency as a way to make up for lost time, make higher than average returns and create multiple income streams on my journey to secure a financial future.

To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax


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