Forex Or Crypto? Why Not Both?

Forex Or Crypto?
Discover How To Easily Combine
Forex And Crypto For Explosive
Growth Potential In Only Minutes A Day

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Forex or Crypto?  Forex or Crypto?  I get asked this question a lot.

And I never understand why it has to be either/or. I believe in creating MULTIPLE income streams on my quest to secure my financial future by beating other investment opportunities and accumulating wealth faster.

So, the question should not be Forex OR Crypto, but rather how to combine Forex AND Crypto for the highest profit potential.

Combine Forex and Crypto by trading Forex on Crypto funded trading accounts to increase your Crypto holdings… so if the price of the Crypto continues to rise, you’ll have more of it.

Now, you might be scratching your head and wondering what this is all about. Don’t worry, I’ll break it all down and explain exactly what I’m doing to combine Forex and Crypto for high profit potential.

The Power Of Forex Trading

I’ve spent years of my life learning how to trade Forex profitably over the long term (and helping others trade Forex profitably as well). So, it should come as no surprise that Forex trading is a major part of my Wealth Plan.

Trading Forex the way I do allows me to outperform other investment opportunities. Here is an example compared to the benchmark of the S&P 500:



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So, on average, I can beat the S&P 500 and enjoy higher returns.

But that is nothing compared to the long term growth potential by taking advantage of the power of compound interest.


Forex Signals Blast Off compounded returns


Wow. Compound interest really does exponentially accelerate your profit potential.

So, the power of Forex trading is the ability to get extraordinary profits, that compounded over years can result in mind-blowing gains.

This means Forex trading has the ability to help late starters make up for lost time.

The Power Of Crypto Investing

Crypto investing is very easy to understand.  Basically, you buy some Crypto at one price, and then wait to see if the price rises so you can sell it at a higher price.

I basically focus on buying and holding Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Here is an example. Years ago, my Dad bought some Bitcoin when the price of 1 Bitcoin was around $4,000.


Forex Or Crypto



See how that works? For every $1,000 of Bitcoin he purchased at the $4,000 level, he now has $10,000 worth of Bitcoin now.

He also purchased Ethereum (not sure at what price), and he says that investment is doing even BETTER.

So, the power of Crypto investing is the ability to buy Crypto at one price, and have that price dramatically rise over the years, creating extraordinary profits.

Both Forex trading and Crypto investing have tremendous profit potential on their own, but what if we combine the two?

The Power Of Combining
Forex Trading And Crypto Investing

Are you starting to see why I don’t think of things as Forex or Crypto?

Frankly, if you did Forex trading and Crypto Investing separately, you could set yourself up for profit potential that other investment opportunities simply don’t match.

But what if you COMBINED Forex trading with Crypto investing?

Here is what I mean…

Some Forex brokers allow you to fund your account in Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Ethereum). This means the base currency of the account is in Crypto. So, any profits you make trading Forex on the account is also in Crypto.

Let’s use a Bitcoin funded account as an example.

Suppose my Dad bought $4,000 of Bitcoin back at the end of 2016, or 1 Bitcoin. Just by doing nothing, that 1 Bitcoin would be worth over $40,000 today, which is impressive.

But what if he funded a Forex trading account with that 1 Bitcoin and traded the Forex market to GROW his Bitcoin holdings?

We’ve already seen what kind of compounded profits are possible trading Forex…



Forex Signals Blast Off compounded returns



Here are some possible outcomes after around 5 years of trading (I’ve kept the numbers simple)…


Percent Gains Bitcoin Holdings Worth
0% (no trading) 1 $40,000
100% 2 $80,000
200% 3 $120,000
300% 4 $160,000
400% 5 $200,000


So, with an initial investment of $4,000 and about 5 years of trading Forex on a Bitcoin funded account… the Bitcoin holdings could have increased significantly and resulted in EXPONENTIALLY higher profits.

The power of combining Forex and Crypto is undeniable.

Example Using The Forex Signals Blast Off Numbers

For this example, we are going to assume we took 1 Bitcoin purchased for $4,000 back at the end of 2016, split it into 4 different accounts and traded Forex Signals Blast Off from 2017 to 2021.

Currency Pair Starting Balance Compounded Gains Over 5 Years Ending Balance USD Worth At $40,000
GBPJPY 0.25 832% 2.33 $93,200
GBPUSD 0.25 240% 0.85 $34,000
GBPAUD 0.25 394% 1.24 $49,600
EURJPY 0.25 471% 1.43 $57,200

OK, with an initial investment of $4,000, and trading Forex for 5 years, we end up with $234,000.  That is a 5,850% gain in 5 years.

And here is something even more mind-blowing…

These Forex profits are possible only trading a few minutes a day.  Let’s go wild and say 10 minutes a day.  Since there are 253 Forex trading days in a year, that means I spend just over 42 hours a YEAR trading.

$230,000 Profits / 42 Hours = $5476.19 An Hour

Does that sound like a good return on your investment of time?

OK, you might be thinking, this all sounds wonderful… but how can this really be done?

How To Combine Forex Trading
And Crypto Investing

This is exactly how I am combining Forex trading and Crypto investing.

Step 1: Find a broker that allows you to fund your account in Bitcoin or Ethereum as the base currency of the account.  

This is the one I use.



RoboForex is the broker I use. I’ve found they provide the best trading conditions for the currency pairs I trade and the account funding options I want

  • 24/5 Forex Trading
  • 24/7 Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Can fund accounts in Bitcoin & Ethereum



If you cannot use this broker because of your location, look for another broker you can use with similar account funding options.

Step 2: Fund your account with Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

There are three ways you can do this:

  1. If you already have Bitcoin or Ethereum, use this to fund your account.
  2. If you don’t have Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can buy some on exchanges and then use it to fund your account.
  3. If your broker allows it, you can upload fiat money to your wallet, and then transfer the money to your Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet and use that to fund your account.

RoboForex does immediate exchanges of fiat currency to Bitcoin or Ethereum right in the back office. So, this is the method I use most often.

I can fund my USD wallet through a bank transfer, Skrill or other method. Then I simply do an Internal Transfer between my USD wallet and either my Bitcoin or Ethereum wallets. Then I fund my Bitcoin or Ethereum trading accounts from there.

Step 3: Trade Forex in only minutes a day.

I’m a big believer that my earnings must exceed my efforts. This means I don’t spend a lot of time trading and stick to the Daily charts. I literally only spend minutes a day trading… and still enjoy high profit potential.

I personally trade some accounts to increase my Bitcoin holdings, and others to increase my Ethereum holdings. And I take a long term view of trading so I can benefit from the power of compounding.

This is a very simple approach to trading that can fit into even a busy lifestyle.

And don’t worry if you are new to Forex trading, you can simply follow what I am doing.


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Final Thoughts On Forex Or Crypto

I’m under the impression people are asking, “Forex or Crypto?” because they are trying to figure out the most profitable way of putting their money to work to make more money.

And they have identified two excellent ways of putting their money to work with high profit potential… Forex trading and Crypto investing.

But in order to enjoy the highest profit POTENTIAL possible, they need to take their efforts one step further. COMBINE Forex trading with Crypto investing.

Fund Forex trading accounts with Crypto, increase your Crypto holdings through profitable Forex trading and then if the Crypto price continues to rise… you’ll have more of it and be exponentially more profitable.

At least that is what I am doing.


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