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Does “More Money” Really Equal More Happiness (Tony Robbins says “no”)

I always like it when an ultra-rich person says that money is not the key to happiness. For a lot of people struggling to get by, having more money sure seems like it would be a good thing.

Here is what Tony Robbins said in a recent article I read:


“Robbins notes that there is research that explores “what stimulates and sustains well-being and happiness, and the thing that does the least is buying things.” In other words, obsessing over money and buying material objects might give you momentary pleasure, Robbins says, but that good feeling typically does not stick around for long after you’ve made a purchase.”


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It is easy to be tempted to just dismiss this as an “easy for you to say” standpoint. But the truth is, I actually believe more money is not necessarily the key to happiness.

Now, there is a big difference between struggling to survive and how most people are conducting their financial lives. Of course, if you are struggling to put food on the table… more money is going to make you a lot happier.  

And at this level of poverty, if more money doesn’t necessarily make you happier… it can sure keep you from being miserable.

But the truth is, a lot of people are not in survival mode when it comes to their finances. They are not struggling to put food on the table or a roof over their heads. It might seem like it, but the truth is they have plenty of options.

And for these people, I would agree with Tony Robbins that just making more money to buy more things is not the key to happiness.

As a matter of fact, I think if you take Budgeting seriously, you’ll find you need less than you think to reach a comfortable, happy life.

More Money – More Happiness?

I personally look at it like this…

I would rather have wealth that nobody sees and be secure in my financial future than buy a bunch of shiny things. Making other people envious of my money is not the point of what I do. Knowing in my heart and mind I am financially secure and can face any of life’s challenges does make me happy.

When you put yourself on a path to secure your financial future, you have to answer some hard questions. Personal finance is “personal”, after all. But if you are truly honest with yourself, I think you will find that it might not take as much as you think to reach financial security and the sense of well-being that comes along with it.

And that is great news. Because the closer the goal, the easier it is to reach. So, if you’ve been putting off planning for a secure financial future because you thought it was “too hard” or would take “too long”, it might be time to reevaluate that stance.

Here at Lifelong Financial Security, maximizing your Income is not about being able to buy more things. It is about being able to make Budgeting easier. You want your income and budget interaction to leave money left over.

Why leftover money?

So you can Invest and Save.

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This approach puts you on a path to financial security. And I truly believe just being on the path to financial security is going to make you a lot more happy than that shiny gadget you are thinking of buying.

I think most people would be happy if they had some more money.  It is increasingly more difficult to get through the money with ANY money left over.  So, a little more money couldn’t hurt, right?

To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax

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