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Crypto Swap Profits: 7 Crypto Wealth Building Strategies

Crypto Swap Profits Teaches You 7 Crypto Wealth Building Strategies To Maximize Your Profit Potential And Exploit The Tremendous Growth Opportunity Of The Cryptocurrency Market

Crypto Swap Profits

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Cryptocurrency, Crypto, Bitcoin, etc. But unless you’ve taken steps to learn what this is all about, you most likely don’t know a whole lot about it. And you definitely won’t feel comfortable enough to try to profit from this new opportunity without at least a working knowledge of the topic.

Luckily, you don’t have to try to learn this all on your own.

Crypto Swap Profits is an exclusive Mastermind group that helps maximize the profit potential of the Crypto Market. You get The Core Training that identifies new windows of opportunity in the whole Crypto world… and how to participate for profit. Plus, you are part of a Mastermind Group pulling the curtain back on exactly what they are doing to profit from Crypto.

Before I get started talking about my experiences with Crypto and specifically Crypto Swap Profits, I want to make something clear.

  1. There is a tremendous, REAL profit potential with Crypto that you simply will not see in other markets.  And the wealth building opportunity is so big it should not be ignored.
  2. You don’t have to learn every aspect of the Crypto world to cash in on the profit potential. This is the kind of thing you can make money on without knowing a whole lot about it… if you simply follow the right people.

So, if you are nervous about Crypto, or worried you won’t be able to understand everything, put your mind at ease. Profiting from Crypto can be a lot easier than you think.

My Path To Crypto Profits

I think in order to understand why I like Crypto so much, you need to understand how I got involved in the first place.

To make a long story short, I moved to Chile from the United States to live with my wife, and after a series of failed business ventures in my new country, I was forced to try to make a living online. Basically, the only business venture I could afford to do was on the Internet.

At that time this was a scary proposition. I mean, neither my wife nor I knew anything about setting up a website or running an online business. And it was hard and a lot slower than I wanted it to be.

Luckily, our online ventures grew to the point where we could survive. (NO, we are not one of those Internet success stories where we became millionaires in a few years). But survival is success, and we were able to stay in Chile and help her family through some illness issues.

While looking for more money making opportunities online, I got interested in Forex trading. I put a lot of time and effort into learning how to profit from Forex, and this remains one of the main things I do today.

Like most of you, when Crypto came about, I didn’t immediately get involved. I couldn’t wrap my head around it, and therefore didn’t identify the HUGE profit potential until later. But I am glad I did, and the Crypto Market is now the wealth building activity I do with the most profit potential.

  • I started by trying to make money online.
  • I began focusing on Forex trading.
  • And I am now more focused on the Crypto Market.

Instead of going through this long process like I did, you can jump straight to what I believe is the online activity with the highest profit potential… Crypto.

The 3 Wealth Building Activities I Do
In The Crypto World

OK, so I identified Cryptocurrency as a huge wealth building activity. So, what do I do in the Crypto World to build wealth?

  • I Buy & Hold Bitcoin (and other Cryptocurrency)

The simplest way to get started in Cryptocurrency is to simply buy some Crypto and hold on to it. If the price increases, that means you make money. Simple.

For example, the other day Bitcoin’s price hit an all time high. That meant that anyone who bought Bitcoin, at any time in the past, were winners. EVERYONE who bought and held Bitcoin made money.

And that is true every time Bitcoin reaches a new high.

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  • I Trade BTCUSD and ETHUSD Currency Pairs

This is an interesting way to profit from the Crypto market without having to actually buy any Crypto. My broker allows trading of the BTCUSD (Bitcoin vs US dollar) and ETHUSD (Ethereum vs US dollar). So, I put up the charts and trade my strategy on these “currency” pairs.

I have an account in US dollars, so my gains are in dollars. Basically, I am profiting off the Cryptocurrency market without actually buying any Crypto and my profits are in US dollars.

I teach people to do what I do, or you can follow my signals here: Crypto Profits Blast Off

  • I Trade Forex For Bitcoin

This is really cool. My broker allows me to fund accounts in Bitcoin. This means I can trade Forex (or BTCUSD, etc.) and my profits will be in Bitcoin. This is a great way to increase my Bitcoin holdings.

And remember Number 1 above? If Bitcoin’s price continues to rise… I’ll have more of it, which means even MORE profits.

For people who don’t feel comfortable trading the Cryptocurrency Market, they can trade “regular” currency pairs, and take their profits in Bitcoin.

I provide Forex Signals here: Forex Signals Blast Off

As you can see, I already do some wealth building activities involving the Cryptocurrency Market. But I am really only scratching the surface of the wealth building opportunities the Crypto Markets provide.

And that brings me to Crypto Swap Profits.

Crypto Swap Profits

My wife and I are currently in Concepcion, Chile visiting my wife’s cousin, her family and my godchildren. (This is one of the benefits of making a living online and trading the way I do: Put Money To Work).

I became aware of Crypto Swap Profits, and decided I wanted to know more. You see, they explore 7 different ways to build wealth in the Crypto World. And most of these ways are things I don’t currently do.

So, I took some time out of my vacation to attend a webinar.  And I found it to be very interesting.

There are some ways to profit from Crypto that I haven’t explored yet. And I like the approach of joining a Mastermind Group and getting your information and action steps from a reliable source.

If you want to attend the same webinar, go here: Crypto Swap Profits

Some of the students were able to capture some very impressive profits. Definitely gives me some things to think about.

So, if you’ve identified the Crypto Market as something with tremendous profit potential (rightly so), but simply don’t know where to get started, this is an option to explore. The truth is, just doing ONE of the 7 things can lead to impressive profits.

But you definitely have to be an ACTION TAKER and do SOMETHING, or continue to sit on the sidelines and hear about other people’s success stories.

On the webinar, the presenter mentions how important a Mastermind Group is. And I think he is right.

Simply teaching people what to do has value. But the truth is, very people follow through and actually DO what they are taught. With a Mastermind Group, you not only get the training, but the ongoing interaction and motivation you’ll need to follow through and turn potential profits into REAL profits.

That is the real value of something like Crypto Swap Profits.

Final Thoughts

Full Disclaimer: A lot of people ask me EXACTLY what I am doing. And I’ve talked about what I’m doing above. I don’t keep anything secret.

If you’ve read things about how I do things in investing and trading, you know I have a PLAN.  And I don’t usually add things to the plan until the other parts of the plan are up and running. To learn my approach to trading, go here: Free Forex Training

So, for now, I am working on bringing my trading accounts up to full funding (both my US dollar accounts and my Bitcoin accounts). Therefore, all my money is tied up in these efforts.

Once I get these accounts to where I want them to be, I have another list of accounts to fund. So, I don’t really have capital at this point to invest in other methods at this time. But in the future, I’m sure I’ll want to explore other wealth building opportunities in the Crypto World.  

And this is when something like Crypto Swap Profits will come into play.

I’ve learned that it is easier to get up and running by standing on the shoulders of giants instead of trying to learn everything by trial and error.

My final thought is this… the Crypto Market is too good an opportunity to let pass by. If at all possible, you should figure out how to do SOMETHING in the Crypto Market to build wealth. You can either follow my lead, or use a Mastermind Group like Crypto Swap Profits.

But you should do something.

To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax


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