Winning BTCUSD Signal Breakdown

Winning BTCUSD Signal Breakdown Shows How We Profited Over 10 TIMES Our Risk And Captured A Big Bitcoin Move



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My last BTCUSD signal was a big winner. Actually it was even a BIGGER winner than I had anticipated (more on that later). And since this BTCUSD signal worked out perfectly, I thought it would be a good idea to go over a detailed breakdown of the trade.

First I’ll go over some general information about the BTCUSD signal, then I’ll break down the trade and finally I’ll show you how you can duplicate my success.


What Is The BTCUSD Currency Pair?

There are many ways to profit from the Bitcoin market.

      • Buy and Hold Bitcoin
      • Trade Bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies at Cryptocurrency Exchanges
      • And my favorite, trade the BTCUSD currency pair at a Forex broker

Many Forex brokers now allow you to trade the BTCUSD currency pair. Currency is traded as pairs, like Great British Pound vs Japanese Yen. The BTCUSD currency pair tracks the price of Bitcoin vs US dollar.

This is a great way to trade because you are not actually buying the asset. Therefore, trading Bitcoin as the BTCUSD currency pair is much more robust compared to literally buying and selling Bitcoin at cryptocurrency exchanges.

The great news is, huge profits are possible trading the BTCUSD currency pair…


Bitcoin Signals Blast Off Performance


This is what happened starting with $2000 over a 3 year period. These are exceptional profits.

And what makes these results even more amazing… they were achieved in only minutes a day, once a day.


What Is A BTCUSD Signal?

As you’ve just seen, trading the BTCUSD currency pair can be VERY profitable. But if you are not already a successful Forex trader you might be asking… How can I get these profits for myself?

This is where a Bitcoin signal comes in.

A Bitcoin signal is when an already profitable Forex trader shares their trades with you. They make all the trading decisions, and then you mimic the trading activity on your own trading platform.

The good news is, you can profit from the Bitcoin market simply by copying someone else’s trades by using a Bitcoin signal service.

      • The trader tells you what to do
      • You perform the trading actions on your trading platform

Basically, a Bitcoin signal is a way for people to copy the trades of another trader and get similar results (without spending years learning how to trade independently).

Using a Bitcoin signal service is a great way to take a shortcut to Bitcoin profits.


What To Look For In A Bitcoin Signal

Not all Bitcoin signals are created equal. And in my opinion, there are some very important things to look for to have the greatest probability of success.

Most people look for a Bitcoin signal with great performance. And yes, performance is important. Obviously, you want to look for a Bitcoin signal service that is profitable over time.

But the real question is… Can YOU get the same results following the BTCUSD signal?

You see, a lot of Bitcoin signals are very hard to duplicate. And if you cannot duplicate the results… What is the point?

If you see a BTCUSD signal service that sends out signals any time day or night… you are probably not going to be able to duplicate their results. It is not possible to be available to trade 24 hours a day.

I eliminated this problem by trading on the Daily charts. My BTCUSD signal comes out at the same time every trading day… and you only have to be available for a few minutes to duplicate my results.

OK, talking about results., let’s look at a winning Bitcoin signal and break down what happened.


Winning BTCUSD Signal Breakdown

Let’s take a look at a winning BTCUSD signal that closed December 27th:




Whenever I place a BTCUSD trade there is a stop loss and take profit. I always set my take profit at 10 TIMES the risk (or 10R). In terms of money, this means if I risked $100 my take profit is at $1000.

Obviously, my target being hit is not how every trade ends (unfortunately).

Here are the possible scenarios:

      • My stop loss is hit for a loss
      • My trailing stop is hit at breakeven
      • My trailing stop is hit for a profit anywhere from 0R up to 10R
      • I manually close the trade for profits anywhere from 1R to 10R
      • And finally, my take profit is hit for 10R profits

(All this stuff about R Multiple is covered in the course if you decide to get the signals. For now, just keep in mind the risk to reward ratio is 1:10)

Here is a snapshot from the email I sent out to signals subscribers with the BTCUSD signal:



      • As you can see, on 12/14/2020 the BTCUSD signal went out to Buy @ 19302.89 with a stop loss of 50,000 and take profit of 500,000
      • Two days later, we moved our stop loss to the 1R level… locking in profits
      • On 12/17/2020 we moved our stop again to lock in more (5R) profits
      • On 12/22/2020 we locked in even more profit (6R worth)
      • And finally on 12/27/2020 our trade ended with over 14R in profits

If you are on the subscriber list, you get an email between 6 PM and 6:20 PM New York Time. If there is something to do that day, you are told what to do and you perform it on your trading platform. If there is nothing to do, you just go about your business.

Why do we get 14R profits when our take profit is at 10R?

Unlike other currency pairs, the BTCUSD currency pair does not stop over the weekend, it keeps going. However, the broker I am using DOES close over the weekend. This sometimes results in a gap.

In this case, this gap worked in our favor. Since my broker was not open over the weekend, the take profit was not triggered at 10R profits. When the market opened again… the trade was automatically closed over the 14R level.

This resulted in us making an extra 4R in profits.

Keep in mind, this gap situation can also work against you. But I have found that dealing with the gaps frequently works in our favor and it is not a deal breaker. The profit potential for this market is just too high to ignore.


The Trading Strategy Behind The Bitcoin Signal

People always ask how I trade Bitcoin. And the answer is I trade Bitcoin the same way I trade other currency pairs or gold.

I am a technical trader. This means I look at the charts to make my trading decisions. I don’t follow the news and speculate about how world events will impact the market I am trading.

So, I create trading strategies based on the charts that fit specific criteria to put the odds in my favor. Basically, I strategically design my trading method to be profitable over the long term.

Here are some things I do:

      • I trade off the Dail time frame (no missed trades, only trade once a day)
      • I only place one trade per account (I’m only trading the BTCUSD on this account and taking one trade at a time)
      • I keep my trading simple (There is no confusion about what to do)
      • I look for high risk to reward ratios (I trade with a take profit 10 TIMES bigger than my stop loss)

The BTCUSD currency pair frequently has large moves. And my strategy identifies and helps us get into those moves. And most importantly, we can trade with a huge risk to reward ratio… making it very easy to be profitable over the long term.

Where I Trade The BTCUSD Currency Pair

In order to trade the BTCUSD currency pair, you need to trade at a Forex broker that offers the BTCUSD pair. I do all my trading from the free Metatrader4 platform they offer.

Here is the broker I use:



Trading the BTCUSD currency pair should not be confused with trading Bitcoin at Cryptocurrency Exchanges.  At exchanges, you are actually buying and selling the asset.

I’ve gone over this in more detail here:


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What You Need To Trade The BTCUSD Signal

The Bitcoin market should excite you. Trading the BTCUSD currency pair should excite you. But can you really trade the BTCUSD signals and get similar results?

Let’s go over what you need to trade the BTCUSD signal and how to trade the BTCUSD signal.

Here is what you’ll need to trade Bitcoin Signals Blast Off the same way I do:

      • An email account where you’ll receive the signal email Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 6 PM and 6:20 PM New York Time
      • A Forex broker account that allows trading of the BTCUSD currency pair
      • Metatrader4 trading platform (available free at most brokers)

Here is how you trade the signals:

      • Receive the signal email Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 6 PM and 6:20 PM New York Time
      • If there is a trade activity, open your MT4 trading platform and follow the instructions in the email
      • Close your trading platform and go about your day

Trading activities include:

      • Placing a BUY or SELL trade with the proper Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. (Scripts are provided to make placing trades “drag and drop” simple).
      • Moving your stop loss to Breakeven to remove risk on the trade. (You simply drag the stop loss line to where you want it).
      • Moving your stop loss to a specified R Multiple level to lock in profits. (I teach you how to modify the Fibonacci tool to make this easy… and again, just drag the stop loss line to where you want it).
      • Manually close the trade. (As simple as clicking a button).

Keep in mind, all trading activities are performed at the same time every trading day after you receive the signals email. There is nothing to do any other time.


Bitcoin Signals Blast Off

I make copying my Bitcoin signal super easy. All you need to do is sign up for my Bitcoin Signals Blast Off.

Bitcoin Signals Blast Off

The Bitcoin market produces moves with extraordinary profit potential. Now you can tap into those profits by trading the BTCUSD currency pair.

Just do what I do once a day.

As a Bitcoin Signals Blast Off subscriber you’ll get:

Training: Immediately after signing up, you’ll be able to download the training. I want to make sure you know exactly how to trade the same way I do. Even if you are new to trading, I teach you everything you’ll need to know to trade the Bitcoin signal.

Emails: You’ll be put on our exclusive Bitcoin Signals Blast Off list where you’ll receive emails Sunday to Thursday between 6 PM and 6:20 PM New York time.  When there is a trade or trading activity to perform… the email will tell you what to do.

Look, every Bitcoin signal is not going to work out as well as the one I explained to you here. There will be losing trades and partial winners along the way. But when you add everything up… this is potentially the most profitable trading in my wealth creation arsenal.


To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax


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