What Are BSBO Bitcoin Signals, Really?

What Are BSBO Bitcoin Signals Really, And How Can A Few Minutes A Day Elevate Your Wealth To New Heights?

Bitcoin Signals

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BSBO Bitcoin Signals are an incredibly powerful way to accumulate wealth faster, create multiple income streams and secure your financial future. This makes the addition of Bitcoin Signals Blast Off a perfect addition to Lifelong Financial Security.

You see, working harder and saving more as a plan to reach financial security just isn’t seeming to work. It is very hard to simply save your way to the amount of wealth you need to secure your financial future.

A better plan is to invest, and put your money to work to make more money.

But if you are getting a late start investing, the “normal” returns on investment are only going to get you so far. Yes, any investing is better than no investing. But what you really need is a way to make the money you need in the time you have.

That means looking for ways to outperform other investment methods.

Luckily, the Bitcoin market has come along and provided one of the most potentially profitable ways of growing your money. And that is where BSBO Bitcoin Signals come in.

Please read through this entire post, and then use the Table Of Contents to explore specific sections in more detail.

I want to make sure everyone understands what BSBO Bitcoin signals really are so they get the best experience possible with the service.  So, let’s get started.


What Are BSBO Bitcoin Signals?
The Simple Answer

Let’s start off with the most obvious answer to the question, “What are BSBO Bitcoin Signals?”

BSBO Bitcoin Signals are exactly what they sound like. They are trading instructions you can use to duplicate everything I’m doing trading the BTCUSD (Bitcoin VS US dollar) currency pair.

I am primarily a Forex trader. Therefore, I obviously look to profit from the Bitcoin market by trading the BTCUSD currency pair. This way I can apply my years of experience trading fiat currency pairs to trading the BTCUSD.

(By the way, you also get signals for the ETHUSD currency pair… Ethereum VS US dollar).

So basically, once a day I sent out an email with trading instructions, if there are any. Since I am trading off the Daily time frame, I only take trading actions once a day. This makes it very easy for others to duplicate what I am doing on their own trading platform.

Trade instructions include:

  • When to BUY and when to SELL
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels
  • Trade management instructions like moving your stop loss to breakeven or to lock in profits
  • When to manually close the trade if necessary

Don’t worry, I provide training on how exactly to trade the signals, as well as scripts you can use to place the trades correctly.

So, BSBO Bitcoin signals are trading signals for trading the BTCUSD currency pair. I’m trading the BTCUSD, and sharing everything I’m doing with my subscribers.

But I don’t really think of BSBO Bitcoin Signals as strictly trade signals, and I’ll tell you why.


BSBO Bitcoin Signals Are Really
Extraordinary Profit Potential

So, BSBO Bitcoin Signals are trade instructions sent straight to your Inbox once a day at the same time so you can duplicate my trading.  That is easy enough to understand.

But the problem with thinking about what we do at Bitcoin Signals Blast Off as strictly signals, is the tendency could be to judge the value of the service in the amount of signals you get.

And that would be a big mistake.

Yes, there are other Bitcoin signals services out there. And some of them provide a lot of signals. The problem is, if you are getting Bitcoin signals any time day or night, you won’t be able to duplicate the results.

On the other hand, BSBO Bitcoin Signals are traded on the Daily chart once a day. We focus on QUALITY and not quantity.

The value of BSBO Bitcoin Signals is not really about how many Bitcoin signals you get… but the extraordinary profit potential.


BSBO Bitcoin Signals


Frankly, trading the BSBO Signals is boring. Most of the time there is nothing to do. And even when you do get into a trade, they can last days or weeks.




The last trade of 2020, went from 12/15/2020 to 12/28/2020, 13 days. But look at how much profit we made. We actually made 14 TIMES the amount risked on the trade because of a weekend gap situation.

The point I’m trying to make is this…

The value of the BSBO Bitcoin Signals is not in getting tons of signals at all hours of the day and night. Most of the time you’ll be waiting for a setup or managing a trade to its completion.

The true value of the BSBO Bitcoin Signals is the potential profits of trading the signals over the long term.


How To Mentally Prepare To Trade BSBO Signals

The fact that BSBO Bitcoin Signals is not a high volume trade signal service should come as no surprise. I provide years worth of trade activity so potential subscribers can see how many trades we take each year.


  • 2017: 20 Trades for 353.58% profits
  • 2018: 28 Trades for 145.49% profits
  • 2019: 33 Trades for 199.58% profits
  • 2020: 27 Trades for 215.63% profits


Remember, this is over an entire year.  Between 20-30 trades is not a lot of trading activity. But the profit potential is just amazing.

As a matter of fact, trading the BTCUSD currency pair is the wealth accumulation activity I do with the most profit potential.

And when you look at what can be accomplished over the LONG TERM with the power of compound interest… you should definitely be excited.


Can Bitcoin Trading Make You Rich?
Can Bitcoin Trading Make You Rich?


And the Ethereum Signals Blast Off is highly profitable as well…


Ethereum Signals Blast Off Performance


So, here is what I want you to do…

  • Go to the Bitcoin Signals Blast Off page and scroll down to the Yearly Trade Results section.
  • Click on the image of 2017 to enlarge it
  • Visualize what it would have been like to trade the entire year
  • Now repeat the process with all the remaining years

I want you to really think about what it would have been like.

You’ll notice some things…

  • Not every trade was a full 10R winner
  • Not every trade was a winner
  • There were even some losing streaks along the way
  • A lot of trades ended at breakeven for no profit

But even with all that… the profits were crazy good.

I want you to do this exercise to prepare yourself mentally to trade the BSBO Bitcoin Signals. It is very exciting to get started. But to truly reap the rewards, you need to train yourself to stick with the trading, even when it is boring.

Trading the BSBO Bitcoin Signals should be something you do in the background of your life.  

  • Get in the habit of checking your email between 6 PM to 6:20 PM New York Time
  • If there is anything to do, perform the action on your trading platform
  • Go back to you day

There are no long contracts with Bitcoin Signals Blast Off, and you can cancel at any time. But the true value of the BSBO Bitcoin Signals is in trading the signals over the long term. Focus on the potential long-term profits and don’t get sidetracked.


What You Need To Trade BSBO Signals

Here is what you’ll need to trade BSBO Bitcoin Signals the same way I do:

      • An email account where you’ll receive the signal email Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 6 PM and 6:20 PM New York Time
      • A Forex broker account that allows trading of the BTCUSD currency pair
      • Metatrader4 trading platform (available free at most brokers)

Here is the broker I use to trade the BTCUSD currency pair:



You can use any broker you want, as long as they allow trading of the BTCUSD currency pair, and provide the Metatrader 4 platform (which most brokers do).

Look, trading the BSBO Bitcoin Signals is simple. Even if you are new to trading, I teach you what you need to know in the course. Then it is just a matter of following the instructions in the signals email you receive once a trading day.

So, this is not hard and only takes a few minutes a trading day.

But if you want to get the true benefit out of the BSBO Bitcoin Signals, you need to understand the true value of the signals. It is not about the quantity of the signals you get as a subscriber… but the huge profit potential of following the signals.

The BSBO Bitcoin Signals can help you reach your wealth creation goals faster than other investment methods. But you need to trade the signals long enough to reap the rewards. And then when the power of compound interest kicks in… stand back for a profit explosion.

Be patient. Take a long term view. And let the Bitcoin market give you the profits when it wants to give them to you.

BSBO Bitcoin Signals catches the big moves.


Bitcoin Signals Blast Off

The Bitcoin market produces moves with extraordinary profit potential. Now you can tap into those profits by trading the BTCUSD currency pair.

Just do what I do once a day.



To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax


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