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Brainstorming the best ideas for online business is the first step in starting an online business to make money. And in my opinion, this is the most important step.

By taking this step seriously, you can strategically plan your success before you even begin.

You’ll explore things like:

      • Picking the right niche (for you)
      • Keyword research (lots of searches and can you compete)
      • Scouting the competition (who are you up against)
      • Monetization research (can you make money)
      • Site structure (does your site make sense)
      • Domain name (keyword or brand)

This page is detailed, so I suggest reading the page all the way through once, and then use the Table Of Contents to revisit specific sections later.

Overview Of Brainstorming
The Best Ideas For Online Business

When you research “Brainstorming The Best Ideas For Online Business”, you’ll usually run into two distinct philosophies…

  1. Stick to your passions.
  2. Follow the money.

On the one hand, the best ideas for online business are the topics you are passionate about. On the other hand, the best online business ideas are the topics where you can make the most money.

As usual, the process to come up with great online business ideas is not that cut and dry. The truth is, your perfect online business idea is probably a combination of the two.

Just think about it…

The online business you want to run needs to be something you know about, are interested in and ideally are passionate about. If not, how are you going to identify or create great content for your visitors over a long period of time?

Have you ever tried to discuss something you have no interest in? It is a painful experience. And you don’t want working on your online business to be painful.

But just because you are passionate about something does not mean you should start an online business about it. You need to research the idea first.

At the end of the day, the best ideas for online business are niches you are passionate about, that you can compete in and where there are plenty of money making opportunities.

Makes sense, right?

Believe me, you don’t want to skip this step. I’ve had plenty of “false starts” in the past that were a complete waste of time and money. Please learn from my costly and time consuming mistakes.

Don’t worry, getting this done right is not as hard as it sounds. Especially if you use what I do to get it all done right:


Solo Build It! for WP

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When done right, you can practically plan your success before you even get started. And that is exactly what you want to do.

Brainstorm The Best Ideas
For Online Business (For You)

So, how do you come up with the best ideas for online business… for you?

I could just give you some general ideas on brainstorming the best ideas for online business, and send you on your way. But I don’t think that would be very helpful.

Therefore, I’m going to go through the entire process using one of my own websites as an example.

(I hate when people try to teach you how to make money online, when the only websites they have are about “making money online”… so I’m not going to do that).

First of all, what is brainstorming?

Brainstorming is simply a method of coming up with a bunch of ideas to solve a problem. Your problem right now is… What is the best idea for your online business to make money?

Sit down and make a big list. Include things you like, things you are good at and things you are interested in. This is personal, and everyone should have a very different list.

Don’t overthink the process. Come up with as many topics as possible, both broad topics and narrow topics. You’ll narrow down your best ideas for online business later on in the process.


Idea For Online Business:
Cookout Menus

A friend of mine, Lou M. Penn, is a great cook and is passionate about cooking, especially grilling. So, I thought it would be nice to do a collaboration with him, since he had no interest in running an online business. I didn’t want to do a recipe website. But I figured I wanted to do something about creating excellent cookout menus. This is a passion of mine, and I have a pretty good reputation around the grill (if I do say so myself).

This collaboration would also allow me to get my hands on some of Lou’s coveted recipes. So, I figured I’ll already come out a winner.

But now that I knew the idea I was passionate about, I had to research it to make sure I could make money in this niche.


Using Keyword Research To Uncover
The Best Ideas For Online Business

As we’ve established before, your online business should focus on a specific niche you are interested in. The goal is for people who share your interests to find you and visit your site.

And if you are truly helpful, they may also do something that leads to commissions or sales (money in your pocket).

But how do they find you?


Keywords are words, or a string of words, that identify the content of each page on your website… and ultimately the entire website. These words let your potential visitors know what your site is about. But they also let the search engines know what your site is about.

Here is how people with similar interests, wants and needs find your online business:

  1. They go to a search engine (usually Google or Bing) and type in “keywords” for what they are looking for.
  2. They look at page 1 (maybe page 2) of the search engine results and click on links that interest them to visit the site.

Pretty simple, right?

But in this simplicity there is an obvious problem. How do you get your website pages on page 1 or 2 of search engines like Google or Bing so people can find you and visit your site?

Keyword research for finding the best ideas for online business. (h3)

To be successful online, you need to rank with the search engines for keywords your desired visitors are using when they conduct a web search. So, you need to reverse engineer two things:

  • Find the keywords people are using to search your niche.
  • Figure out how hard it is to compete for those keywords.

Here is what you are looking for:

Keywords with enough demand (people searching for the keywords), but not too much supply (websites ranked for the keywords).


Keyword Research For Online Business:
Cookout Menus

So, I knew I wanted to do a website on creating cookout menus. But I had to answer two important questions:

  • Are there enough keywords with a decent amount of people searching them?
  • How much competition is there for each of the keywords?

So, I used a keyword tool (more on that later) to find some niche keywords. Here is the process I went through:

  • I put in words like BBQ, cookout, grilling, steak, pork, chicken, etc. to get a big list of keywords.
  • Then I eliminated keywords that didn’t make sense for what a potential visitor would be searching for.
  • Finally, I narrowed the list down to words I could potentially compete for that have decent search demand but reasonable supply.

My conclusion: There were enough keywords with good search volume that I felt I could compete for (over time) to move forward. So far, so good.


Scouting The Competition To See
Who You Are Up Against

If the numbers suggest you can compete for certain keywords, the next question is… Who are you competing against?

To get an idea I simply search the specific keywords on Google and Bing to see who comes up on the first and second pages. These sites are your competition.

Here are some things to pay attention to:

Are their “powerhouse websites” with high rankings? By that I mean, are there very well known websites with a staff ranking highly? If so, that might make it hard to compete.

Did you get the results you expected to find? Sometimes you search a keyword expecting one thing, and the search engine brings back something unexpected. Maybe that keyword is not good for your list after all.

Are you starting to see money making opportunities? During your search, look for things that could make you money. For example, are there any products you could promote as an affiliate? Do you have any ideas about a product you might be able to create?

This is not an exact science. You just want to get an idea of who you are going up against. Figure out who your competition is and try to figure out how THEY are making money from their website.

Save the website addresses of anyone you want to keep tabs on and write down any ideas that pop into your head.


Scouting The Competition:
Cookout Menus

Obviously, food and cooking are HUGE online niches. There are tons of websites with recipes and cooking tips. But cookout menus? Not so much.

Plus, my idea was to take Lou’s recipes and group them by flavor profile. I would then make up a fictitious restaurant to represent each flavor profile and produce downloadable and printable recipe cards for each recipe.

The idea was to have my customers create their own recipe binders with their favorite recipes based on what type of cookout they wanted to have (Italian, Southern BBQ, Cajun, Caribbean, Spanish, South American, Greek, Russian, etc.).

So, yes. The food and cooking niche has some serious competition. But there was not really any competition for exactly what I was planning on doing.All things considered, I still thought this was a good site concept to explore.


Research Monetization For Your
Online Business Idea

The next thing you need to figure out is… are people spending money in your niche?

Remember, we are starting an “online business”. And yes, our first concern is to provide valuable information that helps people of like minds find what they want or get what they need.

But this is a business… and we also want to make money.

Therefore, you need to make sure people are actually spending money in your niche AND there are plenty of money making opportunities.

Are people spending money on paid advertising? One of the ways to see if your niche is potentially profitable is to see if people are spending money on Google Ads (formerly Adwords).

Google Ads is Google’s advertising system. Advertisers bid on keywords for ads shown in Google’s search results. The advertiser is then charged per click or per impression to show the ad.

If advertisers are willing to spend money to get a click on a certain keyword, it would stand to reason that they would be able to make money from that click. Basically, there would need to be some type of money making opportunity on the other side of that click to warrant spending money.

Another thing to look for are affiliate opportunities. You’ll want the option to recommend other people’s products and services for a commission. Simply do a search for “your keyword affiliate programs” to check some out.

Also be on the lookout for product ideas. Do a search for “your keyword ebook”, “your keyword products” or “your keyword online courses” to see what is already out there. Even if you’re not thinking about creating your own product now, you’ll want to keep an eye out for topics that may lead to products.


Is There Money To Be Made:
Cookout Menus

For my cookout menu site concept, I already knew I wanted to monetize my site with cookout binder kits, cookout planners and downloadable recipe cards. My online business had monetization baked in.Plus I already figured out how I would produce various different products:

  • Membership site where they get everything
  • Individual packages around specific topics
  • Kindle books on even smaller niche topics

I checked Adwords and was happy to see people were spending money on keywords I identified as solid potential. If someone is willing to spend $1 to $3 PER CLICK for certain keywords… I figure there is some money being spent.

I also researched some affiliate programs that would interest my visitors. For example, instant read thermometers, grills, BBQ tools, etc. So, there is a way to branch out to affiliate products that people who visit my site would be interested in.

Being happy with the profit potential, I decided to move forward.


Turn Your Best Idea For Online Business
Into A Blueprint

The goal of your online business is to create a website that both people AND search engines love. This takes some planning.

But a lot of the work has already been done.

You’ve already created a large list of keywords and identified keywords with solid potential (enough people searching and reasonable competition). And when you start looking at these keywords, you’ll probably start to see groups.

These groups can start to help you visualize your site structure. Your site structure should be easy for your visitor to navigate and find what they are looking for. It should also make sense to search engines and help them figure out what your site is all about.

IMPORTANT: Your site should be keyword driven. You are not going to sit down at the keyboard and write willy-nilly about anything that catches your fancy for the day. You are going to be creating or curating top quality information on a specific niche… and ranking for specific keywords.

Therefore, before you even start to set up your online business, you need to plan out the site structure using the keywords with solid potential. This is the absolute best advice I can give you… and planning out a blueprint for your site can catapult you to success.

This is how I think about my website structure…

    • Homepage: Site concept keyword. Introduce your site and direct visitors to Core/Money pages.
    • Core/Money Pages: High value keywords. The most important information you have to share with your visitor. Introduce monetization (affiliate offers, digital products, etc.).
    • Posts: Keywords with solid potential. Good original or curated content to attract visitors through search engines, provide valuable information and direct visitors to your Core/Money pages.

In the end, you should have a blueprint based on keywords.


Online Business Site Blueprint:
Cookout Menus

Looking over my keyword list, I started to notice keywords that could be turned into groups.

For example, the keyword “BBQ menu ideas”. This would be a perfect page to introduce all the different cookout flavor profiles: Missouri BBQ, Hawaiian BBQ, Greek BBQ, Tex Mex BBQ, Middle Eastern BBQ and the rest of the 22 fictitious restaurants I created.

There was also a grouping for “how to grill”. For example, “how to grill steak”, “how to grill pork” and “how to grill chicken”. Then I could get even more specific like “how to grill ribeye”, “how to grill N.Y. strip”, “how to grill flank steak”, and so on and so forth.

The blueprint of my website (using keywords people search for and I could compete for) started to come together and make sense.This is exactly what I wanted to see.


The Perfect Name For
Your Online Business

Are you starting to see how brainstorming the best ideas for online business is a process? Each step we take during the brainstorming process gets us closer to an online business idea with great potential for making money.

Look at everything we’ve done before even coming up with a name for our website. Go through these steps, and you can practically guarantee your success before you start. Plus, you can get busy building and growing your online business instead of sitting around wondering what to do.

Now let’s talk about a domain name for our online business idea.

There are two camps when talking about a name for your online business…

  • Use a keyword related name.
  • Come up with a brand name.

A keyword related name has specific keywords in the name. This is not essential, but it could help people and search engines figure out what your website is about.

For example, if you are creating a website about knitting sweaters for pet frogs, you could name your site

A brand name can be anything. Your goal is to brand the name so it becomes immediately identifiable to the niche you are in. Think “Amazon” for online shopping.

Again, if you are creating a website about knitting sweaters for pet frogs, you could name your site

The point is, don’t start with the name of your online business. Brainstorm ideas for online business first to make sure there is enough interest, you can compete and there is plenty of money to be made.

Then come up with either a keyword related name or brand name.


Online Business Name:
Superstar Cookout Menus

I decide to go the “keyword related name” route.

“Cookout menus” as a keyword gets plenty of searches, but doesn’t have that many websites competing for that specific keyword.I wanted the name to exemplify the result of using the site, so I decided on Superstar Cookout Menus. Basically, clients can become cookout superstars by using the cookout party planners and recipe binder kits.

If I had to do it all over again, I would have figured something out that was shorter. Remember, you are going to be writing your website name a lot in the future… so the shorter the better.


Superstar Cookout Menus

Quickly Roll-Out Crowd Pleasing Cookout Menus That Amaze Your Friends & Family… And Never Struggle Deciding What To Cook Again!


What I Personally Use To Brainstorm
The Best Ideas For Online Business

Brainstorming the best ideas for your online business is the essential first step to starting a website to make money… that actually makes money. This is why I’ve explained the process in such detail. And, at this point, this detailed process might seem overwhelming.

Don’t worry. The solution is very simple.

I have to admit.  This process for brainstorming profitable online businesses on my own. I learned it from the masters of teaching others to build profitable online businesses… Solo Build It!


Solo Build It for WP

Success (making money from your online business), does not happen by accident or just because you want it to. Success is planned. And Solo Build It! has a 17-year track record of helping people build profitable online businesses.


Solo Build It! for WP

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Remember, we are building an online business to make money. (And if you are following the Wealth Plan Blast Off… this can be an extra income source that lasts a lifetime and can be grown exponentially into life-changing wealth). So, you’ll want to get this right.

Check out this video about Brainstorming your perfect online business idea:



As you can see, they have perfected the entire process, provide in-depth, step-by-step guidance and provide excellent tools you need to brainstorm, build and run a profitable online business.

Just go through the Action Guide to…

      • Pick the right niche (for you) using the Brainstorm It! and Niche Choose It! tools.
      • Find high value keywords you can compete for using the Master Key List.
      • Scout the competition to figure out who you are up against using he Search it! tool.
      • Monetize your site in multiple ways using Monetization Headquarters.
      • Create a site structure blueprint that visitors and search engines love using Blueprint It!
      • And come up with the perfect domain name

This is the process to get you off on the right start. But it doesn’t end there.

Solo Build It for WP is not just about getting your online business started, they teach you how to run and grow your money making online business as well.

Follow the Action Guide and you will always know what to do next, how to grow your business and how to make more money.

At this point you might be asking, “Does the SiteBuild It! process really work”?

Well, think about this.

I went through the SBI process when creating THIS site. And you are here right now reading this. Your very own eyeballs are undeniable proof.

Solo Build It for WP works and it keeps working.

I hope I’ve provided valuable information on brainstorming the best ideas for online business. And you could just take what you learned here and try to piece every part of the brainstorming process together on your own.

You’ll still be way better off compared to jumping blindly into your new online business.

I recommend a lot of things on this site. But this is my number 1 recommendation. After all, if you don’t get started right… there is not much you can do to become successful.

Solo Build It! for WP

Anyone Can Build a Website.

Few Become Profitable Online Businesses.

What's the Difference?

If you can follow some simple instructions, you can brainstorm a profitable topic for your online business. And as far as money making business ideas go… getting started is quick and very inexpensive. I’ll show you how:


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To Your Wealth,
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P.S. Building an online business to make money is only part of the plan.


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