Did My Best Forex Trading Strategy Just Get Better?

Did My Best Forex Trading Strategy
Just Get Better?
Introducing Forex Trading Blast Off 2.0



Best Forex Trading Strategy

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Everybody wants the “best Forex trading strategy”. I mean, if you are going to trade Forex… why not use the BEST Forex trading strategy, right?

Before we get started, I’m going to smack you in the face with some hard truth. There is no such thing as the “best” Forex trading strategy.

      • There are profitable ways to trade Forex.  
      • And there are unprofitable ways to trade Forex.

And I would contend that if you’ve found a profitable way to trade Forex… keep trading.

Saying that, I want to share with you an IMPROVEMENT I recently made to my trading. I was already using a Forex trading strategy that was profitable over the long term. And now with a small tweak… I’ve improved the trading strategy so it has even more profit potential.

In short, great just got better.

So, is this the best Forex trading strategy in existence? I don’t believe such a thing exists. But it is profitable. (And now it is even more profitable). 

I thought my original way of trading was extraordinary. But now with the new tweak, the profit potential is ridiculous. (I’ll reveal more below).

I’ve provided a Table Of Contents so you can find what you are looking for easier, but I recommend reading this post in its entirety and then using the Table Of Contents to revisit specific sections.



Does The Best Forex Trading Strategy Exist?

I think looking for the best Forex trading strategy is unproductive and misleading. I caution against searching for “the best” because it leads people to believe they can find a trading strategy that wins all the time. Or, they buy into the belief they can achieve a predictable and consistent profit level year in and year out.

That is not the way trading works.  And that is definitely not the way investing works.

There are three things that determine if you are going to be profitable trading Forex, or not:

      • The Market
      • The Strategy
      • The Trader

And in this scenario, you can only control two of these factors.

      • You can decide what Forex trading strategy to apply to the market.
      • And you can dedicate yourself to applying the strategy as perfectly as possible.

But you cannot control the market or how it behaves.

And since you cannot control every aspect of trading, you will not be able to win all the time and you cannot achieve predictable and consistent profit over the long term.

I get it.  This all sounds pretty bleak.  

But here is the good news…


You Don’t Need The “Best” Forex Trading Strategy
To Be Wildly Profitable


You CAN profit trading the Forex market. As a matter of fact, I use Forex trading as a way to accumulate wealth faster, create multiple streams of income and secure my financial future.

Forex trading is at the core of my wealth plan.

So, stop worrying about finding the best Forex trading strategy. It does not exist. Instead, focus on trading a Forex strategy designed to be profitable over the long term… and dedicate yourself to trading the strategy perfectly.


Characteristics Of A Profitable

Forex Trading Strategy

How you approach trading Forex can be even more important than the particular strategy you use.

I believe my success is due to my overall trading philosophy which governs how I trade Forex. Over the years I’ve identified certain characteristics my trading must adhere to in order to be profitable over the long term.

Here they are:

  • Strategically Designed Forex Trading Strategy

Strategic planning is even more important than skill and the strategy needs to be strategically designed to be profitable over the long term.

  • Forex Trade Off The Daily Time Frame

In order to trade the trading strategy perfectly there can be no missed trades. This means trading once a day at the same time.

  • Keep Your Forex Strategy Simple

There can be no ambiguity as to what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

  • Trade One Forex Trading Strategy Through All Market Conditions

Trade one Forex trading strategy, the same way, over the long term.

  • Control Your Trading Risk

Strike a balance between protecting my account and making meaningful profits by controlling risk.

  • Focus On Risk To Reward Ratio

The key to Forex trading success is making more money on winning trades than you lose on losing trades.

  • Measure Forex Trading Results To Other Investment Methods

Outperform other serious investment methods instead of made up, unrealistic goals.


And I’ll add a couple more important characteristics…

  • Prepare For Unlimited Profit Growth While Staying In Your Risk Tolerance Zone

Scale your Forex trading accounts to any profit level you want… while still keeping the trading within your risk tolerance comfort zone.

  • Make Sure Earnings Exceed Efforts

Achieve profits that feel “worth it” compared to the effort you put in to make those profits.


Now let’s check out the profit potential.


Forex Trading Blast Off Results

Let me give you a little clue as to how I trade the Forex market.

      • Trade one currency pair.
      • Place one trade per trading account at a time.
      • Trade multiple accounts with the same strategy with the only difference being the take profit levels.

So here are the results over the past 5 years compared to the S&P 500:

Account 1 vs S&P 500

account 3 money

Account 4 vs S&P 500

So, what do these graphs mean?

Basically, it means the original trading strategy greatly outperforms the most commonly used benchmark for investors… by a lot.

If you invested $2,000 in an Index fund tracking the S&P 500 at the beginning of 2015, you would have increased your account to $3,138 by the end of 2019. And that is definitely not bad by investment standards.

However, if you invested $2,000 trading the Forex market with my strategy, you could have ended up with $19,132, $24,853 or $33,470 depending on what take profit level you were trading.

And that my friends is why this trading strategy is so powerful and popular with my clients.

Any serious investor would be ecstatic to get these kinds of returns (considering most Wall Street traders don’t even beat the gains of the S&P 500).

And even though it is not necessary… I actually figured out a way for the profit potential to be even higher. Way higher.


Forex Trading Blast Off 2.0 Results

I want to start this section by talking about where the improvements came from.

You see, my clients were so happy with the original strategy a lot of them asked about trading other markets. And while I was working on a trading strategy to trade the Gold market… I had an idea for improving the original Forex trading strategy.

And when I measured this change against my past results… I was literally shocked. With just one additional indicator and rule, the profitability skyrocketed.  (I’ll explain why the profits skyrocketed below).

Let’s take a look at the results of the NEW version over the same time period:


Forex Trading Blast Off


Forex Trading Blast Off


Forex Trading Blast Off


If you were not excited about the original profit potential… these results should definitely make you sit up and take notice.

Check out those trend lines marking the trajectory of growth. Which trajectory do you want your wealth accumulation to follow?  

Here are the improvements in terms of profit potential…

      • 3R Account went from $19,132 up to $47,059
      • 5R Account went from $24,853 up to $44,263
      • 10R Account went from $33,470 up to $57,893

Same trading strategy with just one tweak and the profit potential exploded. (So, I thank my clients for asking for diversification, because otherwise I might not have explored improving my original trading strategy).

I immediately packaged up the new trading rules and sent it out (for no extra cost), to my clients.  And I am very excited about the future.

Now all my previous clients should have Forex Trading Blast Off 2.0 in their hands. And any new customer automatically gets the improved version.

You see… great just got better!

Why Forex Trading Blast Off 2.0

Is Much More Profitable

So, what was this change that made Forex Trading Blast Off 2.0 so much more profitable than the original version?

I simply added an indicator and used it as a filter for entering trades. And the approach filtered out a lot of losing trades along the way.

There were no other changes to the strategy besides this new filter. And don’t get me wrong, there will still be losing trades along the way. Losing trades can never be totally avoided.

The reason the profits skyrocketed so much is due to compound interest.

When you take out some of the losing trades, and in some instances a losing streak, the drawdown is greatly reduced. As a result, the risk per trade does not need to lower so much because of the smaller account balance.

This means the winning trades can gain a lot more profits. And I do mean a LOT more profits.

Basically, the original Forex trading strategy was extremely profitable. But by eliminating just some of the losing trades along the way… the profit potential became extraordinary.

In short, the original trading strategy was extremely profitable, even with more losing trades along the way. But by eliminating some of the losing trades, compound interest gets turbo charged… leading to improved account growth.


Best Forex Trading Strategy…
Or Just A Lot Better?

I think one of the reasons I am a profitable Forex trader is because I stopped looking for the best Forex trading strategy. Instead of the “best”, I focused on “better than”. I wanted a way of trading Forex that produced profits BETTER THAN other investment returns.

And that is exactly what I created.

If I continued to try to find the best Forex trading strategy, I would still be looking instead of trading profitably and growing my wealth. I mean, how would you define “the best” anyway?

As you’ve seen above, the original Forex Trading Blast Off is definitely better than the S&P 500, the most common benchmark for investors. And if I never made any improvements… I would still be extremely happy.

But by finding a way to make my Forex Trading Blast Off 2.0 better than the original… the profit potential has exploded. I am overjoyed to be trading this way moving forward.

Let’s see what the improved version is capable of…


Improvements 3R Targets


Yea, when I say improved profit potential… I mean by a lot.


Improvements 5R


A couple years did not show any improvement. But when the improvement started kicking in… explosive growth.


Improvements 10R


Over this 5 year period… over $20,000 in extra profits were possible. Same amount of “work”… but way more profitable.

Pay attention to the trendlines on these charts. Which trendline do you want your wealth creation efforts to follow?


In Conclusion

You do not need the best Forex trading strategy to be extremely profitable trading Forex. As a matter of fact, continuing the search for the “best” Forex trading strategy is going to keep you from doing what you need to do to profit… trade over the long term.

So, is Forex Trading Blast Off 2.0 the best Forex trading strategy? I don’t know. I’m not even sure what that means.

But this way of trading Forex sure has the potential to rack up a lot of profits. I was extremely happy with the original trading strategy.  So, you can just imagine how I feel about the improved version.

If you have 1 minute a day… you too can learn how to trade this simple Forex trading strategy and start creating the wealth you need in the time you have. Stop searching for the best Forex trading strategy… you have a better chance of finding a unicorn.

Trading consistently over the long term with a strategically planned trading strategy is the true path to accumulating the wealth you want and need.

What to do next?

We’ve gone over a lot here. I suggest going back over this page again. Use the Table Of Contents for easy access to the sections you want to revisit.

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Forex Trading Blast Off 2.0

Forex Blast Off 2.0

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And here is some more great news…

This all started because I began creating a strategy for trading the gold market with the goal of beating the markets.  And I succeeded on that front as well.

I’ve added an optional Gold Trading Blast Off add-on option. This is a separate trading strategy that fulfills all my requirements for profitable trading. And just like my Forex trading strategy, you can beat other investment opportunities. (By a lot).

So, now you can have even more ways to build wealth faster and more income streams contributing to securing your financial future.


To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax


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