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The Best Bitcoin Signals Are The Ones You Can Trade

The Best Bitcoin Signals Are The Trade Alerts You Can Actually Trade In Real Life AND Produce Extraordinary Profits Compared To Other Investment Opportunities

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People looking for the best Bitcoin signals often get sidetracked by focusing on performance and miss an important point. You can only duplicate Bitcoin signals you can trade near perfect in the real world.

If you cannot trade the Bitcoin signals and get similar results as the Bitcoin signals service… Are they really the best Bitcoin signals?

I would argue they are not.

Let’s go over this important concept when looking for Bitcoin signals. It can keep from wasting valuable time and money.


Why The Best Bitcoin Signals Are So Attractive

Bitcoin is hot right now. And one of the best ways to make money with the Bitcoin craze is to trade the Bitcoin market. By that I mean trading the BTCUSD currency pair at a Forex broker.

And the easiest way to trade the BTCUSD currency pair is to use Bitcoin signals. This way you can profit from the experience of an already profitable trader, without having to learn how to make all the trading decisions on your own.

Let the search for the best Bitcoin signals begin.

So, you look for Bitcoin signals that are profitable. And with a market like Bitcoin, which has tremendous profit potential, the profits can be very attractive.

My personal experience trading the BTCUSD currency pair is it can be even MORE profitable than trading other “traditional” currency pairs. That is a powerful motivator for using Bitcoin signals right there.

But the performance alone should not be the only thing you look for when searching for the best Bitcoin signals.


The Number 1 Prerequisite For
Being The Best Bitcoin Signals 

We’ve already established that trading Bitcoin signals can be highly profitable. But is that all you should look for when searching for a Bitcoin signals service to follow?

Absolutely not.

The big question is… 


Are YOU going to be able to get similar results
as the signals service?


Just think about it. Who cares if the signals service makes extraordinary profits if YOU cannot duplicate those results?

Bitcoin signals services that send out short term signals any time day or night are extremely hard to follow.

  • Most people cannot be available 24/7, which means there will be missed trades.
  • Short term trades move very fast, which means there will be mismanaged trades.

So, if you are using a Bitcoin signals service and missing trades and mismanaging trades, how can you be sure the service is still going to be profitable?

You can’t.

Therefore, the first thing you should look for is a Bitcoin signals service that you can actually trade in real life.

Your search for the “best Bitcoin signals” should start here.



What Type Of Bitcoin Signals Performance Should You Look For

You MUST be able to trade the signals if you want profits similar to the signals service you are following. This should be self-evident, but a lot of people miss this part.

So, once you find a service you can follow, what type of performance should you look for?

The reason I got into trading in the first place was to make up for lost time. I didn’t start investing until late, so I needed a way to accumulate the wealth I need in the time I have.

That means being able to generate returns that are higher than other investment opportunities. And since most investors are very happy with returns of 6%-8%, I want to do better than that.

For simplicity, let’s say I want average yearly returns over 10%.

Here are some results from my BTCUSD trading:


2017:  +353.58%

2018:  +145.49%

2019:  +199.58%

2020:  +215.63%


By any stretch of the imagination, these results are extraordinary. But as we discussed earlier, they only matter if people following the signals can get similar results.


Example Of Bitcoin Signals You Can Trade
And The Produce Extraordinary Profits

Visualize yourself following these signals…

  • At @ 5 PM New York time, you receive and email
  • Instructions for trading the BTCUSD currency pair are enclosed
  • If there is any trading activity, you perform that activity on your trading platform
  • You go back to your busy day

Do you think that is something you can do?

If the answer is “yes”, then these are Bitcoin signals you can follow and get similar results to the service.

And the profit potential is extraordinary. Remember those percentage numbers from before. Let’s see what kinds of profits that can produce with a modest $2,000 investment.


Can Bitcoin Trading Make You Rich?


WOW. With extraordinary returns and the power of compound interest, $2,000 turned into over $200,000 in just 4 years.  Now that’s what I call making up for lost time.

Bitcoin Signals Blast Off

The Bitcoin market produces moves with extraordinary profit potential. Now you can tap into those profits by trading the BTCUSD currency pair.

Just do what I do once a day.

So, are these the “best Bitcoin signals”? I don’t know. But they do have the 2 characteristics that are essential for a profitable experience with a Bitcoin signals service:

  • These Bitcoins signals can be traded in real life
  • These Bitcoin signals can create extraordinary profits

So, if you are looking for the best Bitcoin signals, don’t forget… it is not ALL about the profits.  Don’t forget, you actually need to be able to trade the signals to collect the profits.


To Your Wealth,
Edward Lomax


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